UEREKA – Democratising science through decentralisation and transparency

Ureka (in Russian-Eureka) is an open blockchain platform of the new generation, intended for publication and reception of ratings of scientific articles, using a system of compensations for qualitatively written works.

The goal of the EUREKA platform is to promote the ideas of decentralization, transparency, and openness in science. After the practical launch of the platform will radically improve the situation with the publication and evaluation of scientific works. This will be achieved thanks to the introduction of a transparent and effective system of rewards of participants by internal tokens EKA. The discoveries described in the articles of scientists will be cryptographically tied in time and content to the Ethereum blockchain. This will protect the copyrights, significantly accelerate the acquaintance of the community with new discoveries, make them accessible to all, and not only for one or two reviewers.

History of EUREKA Project appearance
EUREKA Blockchain Solutions GmbH, headquartered in Switzerland, has been developing the platform since 2018. It is developed by the same team, which directs the Swiss company of Scientific Online publications science matters.

EUREKA has the following advantages:
Excellent marketing and high activity of developers in mass media and social networks; Great potential for development due to the presence of a market of scientific works, estimated in more than 25 billion. Dollars Support from the Swiss company, as well as European structures, practically operating since 2016. Ureka The further development of the project can be hampered only by the unfavorable situation on the ICO market and cryptocurrency market.

How do I get EKA tokens?
In addition to acquiring ESA tokens on the official website during ICO (detailed terms will be placed in one of its sections beforehand), they can be earned by participating in You can learn more about it in the special section of the forum Bitcointalk. out at least one transaction per year), proportionally to the sum of their tokens. If the user does not perform any transactions during the year, his loyalty bonuses are distributed among other active users.

EUREKA Coin Storage
EKA tokens are stored on any purses that support the standard ERC-20 platform Etharium.

Detailed information about ICO EUREKA
A total of 298.607040 million will be released. EKA tokens on the Etharium platform according to the ERC20 standard. of them:
 50% (149.303520 million tokens) will be sold during ICO;
 5%-(14.930352 million) – Bounty campaign;
 18% (53.749267 million)-on the development of the project;
 3% (9.958211 million) — fund;
 15% (44.791056 million) – Team and management;
 9% — (26.874634 million) advisers, legal registration.
The sale of tokens during the ICO will be made for bitcoins and aired with a ratio of 10 cents for one coin (1 EKA = 0.1 USD).
It is planned to collect not less than 2 mln. Dollars (Soft Cap). The upper limit of the collected funds (Hard Cap) is 14.930352 USD.
The funds collected during ICO are planned to be distributed as follows:
 28%-administrative expenses;
 A 22%-marketing campaign, promotions;
 50%-technical development of the platform.

Innovative platform Ureka embodies the advanced ideas that will radically change the existing in the world of science situation. The presence of support from the existing Swiss online platform for the publication of scientific works, as well as participation in the development of the project representatives of the
Based on this, it is possible to predict with great confidence the financial success in holding ICO EUREKA at the beginning of the 2019 year and successful practical achievement of

Website: https://eurekatoken.io
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