UMC (Universal Marketing Company) Using High-Speed Artificial Intelligence

UMC – Who is not familiar with the sophisticated technology in an era of Smartphones nowadays? Almost everyone in the world to use a SmartPhone. The growth of SmartPhone users has increased every year, as well as users who are getting bigger. WhatsApp messenger service such as Facebook, Messenger, Line, WeChat, Viber, KakaoTalk, Telegram etc is a very sought after applications by the users of smartphones. The existence of this application, facilitate communication with others in order to stay connected. I also use WhatsApp for the purposes of the business of buying and selling as a communication medium between me with the consumer with easy, inexpensive, efficient, fast and comfortable. So great are the benefits of the current Smartphones can help facilitate the work of man.
UMC (Universal Marketing Company) – a mix of ads and Messenger
UMC is the solution for your advertising strategy in order to get a more targeted audience and also with an efficient price. Someone could use UMC Coin which is an internal currency of the platform UMC to Transact in getting the advertising services. UMC utilizing the existence of Social Media and the owners of the channel or group owners, or even notable influencers to co-operate in advertising. It is considered more effective than we have to put up billboards in the streets with costly fees and also the target audience. UMC delivers solutions so that advertisers can be more effective in implementing its advertising strategy.
Platform UMC in utilizing Social Media potential existence is inseparable from the blockchain technology that became the backbone of the platform of the UMC. Blockchain create a platform becomes more transparent, UMC is safe, and of course, all the associated ecosystems will have better self-confidence. The blockchain is a great book that is distributed, which causes all data stored in the blockchain will be on the track by anyone. Blockchain technology is undergoing rapid development, where all developers begin to implement this technology on any project they to realize an ambition of each.
A platform that becomes the main objective of the project is the UMC Telegram. A very high number of users will, of course, have an effect on the magnitude of the audience. Later the consumers will be given a choice of several lists of each channel with a different niche. Consumers are free to choose any channel, the greater the audience, surely the greater cost that must be removed. After that, consumers must pay a certain amount of UMC Coin to the owner of the channel, then the ad with the specifications determined by the owner’s share will be in the channel.
The above way is very effective, and not just the telegram only, but UMC will go on WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber etc that has been described in the Roadmap.
The user will easily do the storage as well as spend UMC Coin them because wallets will be available a mobile version that is ready to serve all users. An interesting feature of the wallet UMC is, everyone can buy UMC Coin without leaving their system using the BTC, the ETH or Fiat. This is a solution for those users who want to get the ease of transaction.
ICO (Initial Offering Of Coins)
ICO is a popular way to raise funds from investors without regulation by selling coins of the new utility, which aims to fund a project.
UMC also held an ICO, with the purpose of opening up opportunities for investors cryptocurrency who want to support the platform of UMC. Here is information about UMC Token Sale I get, that might be a consideration for determining decisions in investing.
A Token Symbol: UMCC
Ethereum Platform: ERC20
Total Supply: 500 million Tokens
Accepted: BTC & ETH
Token Price: 0.1019 USD
Softcap: 6,255,241 USD
Hard cap: 22,550,000 USD
The target exchange: Binance
Token open sale: 1 August 2018
Keep in mind, I am not a member of the dar team or developer. If there is a need to ask you, please go directly to the group the telegram, to discuss with developers

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