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USAT Inc In the digital age, people are more curious than ever. These are the people who invented the approach and defied orthodoxy for radical thinking. Research and recognition of our highest degree is one way to get away with the constant sign of humanity. Property rights in several countries are in an extremely bleak state, indicating a total lack of negligence, which is represented by the first thinkers and innovators.

But the problems associated with this sector must be overcome for the final word of the open atmosphere of innovation and invention. Mankind has advanced ideas and inventions of courageous institutions and people. Allowing individuals to presume separately, while retaining their property rights without change would be a property. Thus, one platform called USAT, which allows to distribute and register patents on the basis of blockchain technology, is developed.

Proposed solution
(USAT) means the United Scientific Association of Technologies is a non-profit organization acting for the promotion of property rights. Patents and commercial secrets stored in the repository will be distributed using good contract technologies.

USAT Token is used on the platform for various transaction functions. The platform uses completely different income schemes, through incentives for licensing and distribution of patents. They need to further mention the scheme of patients currently available on the team.

He is determined to bring the technology of blockchain into the world of property rights. Several new patents are added endlessly to the platform repository. It seeks to become a clear and reliable platform where inventors collaborate and store their inventions.

ICO Information
The project will create 381 250 000 tokens USAT, in which 50% of all tokens will be distributed in ICO.
The sale of tokens is currently carried out on the platform. 67% of the funds are used for the development of goods, while 20% of the total funds will be used on the USAT platform.

Inventors and innovators never sit and cry for lack of resources and atmosphere, and carry innovative thinking and a special approach to finding problems. Scientific reasoning should be the goal of humanity. Thus, USAT will bring a revolution in the process of registration and distribution of patents.

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