Use EPIK Tokens to Collect Unique in-Game & in-App Items

EPIK Tokens – We have long ceased to be surprised by the fact that we live in an era of incredible technologies and unprecedented scientific discoveries. Medicine, space, physics, nanotechnology. All this is globally though not always noticeably changing our lives. And of course, one of the biggest and most socially significant achievements of the last decades was the internet without which it is difficult for us to present today.

Social networks, video games, instant messengers, cybersports, various applications have swallowed the world. It is possible to treat this in different ways but humanity is really going through the transition between our real world and the created digital worlds. Communication, entertainment, shopping in internet shops. and a relatively new but very fast developing direction-the purchase of virtual goods, goods not existing in real life, only in the digital worlds, but important for consumers conducting the internet most of their time.

Despite the high demand for such goods, there are certain problems preventing the creation of a thriving market of branded virtual goods: the closure of ecosystems, the complexity of licensing such goods and the processing of transactions between brands and Digital platforms because of inefficient processes and lack of trust, accountability, and transparency.

The new global BLMP project (Blockchain Licensing Marketplace) plans to solve these problems by creating an extensive network of collaboration between global brands and digital platforms. BLMP develops the world’s first B2B2C virtual market, which covers the supply chain of virtual goods, including the creation, tokenization and origin of licensed virtual goods and involves the use of a single cryptocurrency epic For buying and collecting goods on all participating digital platforms such as video games, mobile games, virtual reality, augmented reality, gifts in social networks and branded emoji.

Brands will be able to develop better control over partner relations and also with the help of blockchain technology to control their intellectual property without hindrance.

and digital platforms will be able to choose the licensed virtual goods that will match their ecosystem. With this flexibility, digital platforms will be able to count on the persistence of existing revenue, help retain users, and gain additional revenue from the licensed products they choose to sell.

Well, customers will benefit from companies joining the BLMP network, thanks to their ease of use because they will need to manage only one account that can be created on a digital platform of their choice, without the need to Fully understand cryptographic wallets. Customers will be able to select their favorite digital platform to create an account and then access that account on all other participating digital platforms. But more importantly, customers will win because they get the freedom to buy things they love and in the virtual world.

You can not doubt the success of the project, because already today it has more than a thousand customers. Behind this perspective project, there is a team of professionals and advisors who are confident in their goals and forces for the realization of the planned.

Do you like playing games? Or looking for a reliable project for investments and want to become the owner of unique tokens of the standard ERC 721? Yes, yes! In this project, each token is unique!
Remember sensational game with crypt kittens? where each kitten had its own cost? So in the project BLMP everything Global. This is a virtual market of all that you can collect and buy online.

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