UTEMIS Uses The Latest Technology to Give Everyone a Fresh Start

UTEMIS is developed by a team consisting of some of the great people who’ve long  and expert in his field. You can read it on the Official Website UTEMIS. UTEMIS is born not without reason. UTEMIS dilators background by a concern small and medium traders against the talented and potentially well developed but has been hampered by several factors, the local government policy with ties the rules impartially on them. It is felt will make it difficult for them to evolve and progress.

UTEMIS reflect to some of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, a kind of Chinese country JD Tmall, or Taobao. They have experienced an increase of more than 2,000% in sales since 2008. UTEMIS relies on a strong team; with a successful entrepreneur as Country Manager comes with a strong Advisory Board consisting of experienced bankers.. These are the pioneers of the development of the economy in China’s State sector in e-commerce. It they do embrace the way small and medium traders by providing convenience to those in marketing its products to the world. Upholding openness, honesty, trust, and security that the Giants finally managed to lift small and medium traders to the eyes of the world.

UTEMIS would also like to do the same. With the start of a scope only in Latin America beginning. They feel that small traders in Latin America also has the same potential but terkandala by things that are not profitable. UTEMIS limited liability company will introduce sign cryptographic utility, named UTEMIS (UTS), to decentralise the company ‘ reputation in Latin America. The team believes that if the small and medium enterprises in Latin America has, for the first time, the opportunity to work creating their future, they will create an economic zone of the most economically vibrant, resilient, efficient and fair in the world.

UTEMISis a B2B platform geared to building trust by emphasizing the merchant’s reputation and decentralization, guarantee transactions and trade efficiency. It is focused on Latin America and is integral with the token UTEMIS, it becomes important to protect merchants from strangeness and arbitrariness government intervention. In this case, as I alluded to above UTEMIS will follow a proven business model rapidly expanding, a leading Chinese e-commerce with a strong emphasis on reputation. For the reasons given, cryptocurrency UTEMIS is a complement that is required with the potential to transform the region Latin America entirely into the single economic space. ICO UTEMIS results will be invested in the technology and platform development accelerates in hiring a massive sales force to trigger growth in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia.

UTEMIS will make use of Blockchain technology for the sake of achieving the objectives of transparency, security and freedom from the rule of a Government that does not benefit small traders. This is not to invite them to leave or disobedience to the Government. This is just to give you the ease to small traders to move forward to develop their talent. This is similar to the birth of the Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not created to fight and damage the fiat currency and not to protect consumers from government regulation. Bitcoin is created to start something new, something fundamentally better. It is for the same reason the creation of UTEMIS.

Overview of the ICO & UTEMIS Token (UTS).
In order to finance the development plan UTEMIS, UTEMIS Team will perform a token distribution event will offer for sale 200 Billion UTEMIS of one trillion total supply. The results of the event token distribution will be used to finance the operation UTEMIS and launch it in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia and to the development of systems and technology company UTEMIS.

100 Billion will be reallocated to UTEMIS company limited and are subject to a vesting schedule. UTEMIS limited liability company will provide the services of the company and will actively promote the UTEMIS in the cryptocurrency industry and especially in bursa.

the remaining 700 Billion will be allocated for maintaining the balance of the company UTEMIS and will be used strategically as a sales tool for acquiring new customers.

An important portion of the funds collected in the distribution of the token will be used to hire a Salesforce widely (hundreds of salespeople per country) are necessary to achieve a significant part of the region of Latin America. An allocated budget is set to increase the UTEMIS platform with new and sophisticated functionality improve how business to business (B2B) trade in order to better than what is done today

Privilege and Penhargaan for VIP members UTS provided each year.
UTEMISsets a remarkable policy with menjajikan a reward will be given to members of the VIP UTS is equivalent to 10% of their initial mark of ownership on 31 December each year for five consecutive years. For example, if VIP Participants obtained 200 million UTEMIS during the ICO or pre-ICO, and these participants stick to the token, this member will receive 20 million UTEMIS the following every January for the past five consecutive years over the participants retain this initial ownership.

Keep in mind that this privilege is only for VIP members (investors/buyers of UTS in when the ICO). Purchase UTS after the completion period of the ICO cannot make the purchasers as a VIP Member.

Purchases can only be done using the Ethereum (ETH).
Price UTS early implementation of ICO is 1.5 million UTS = 1 ETH
Minimum purchase of UTS is 0.05 ETH.

Website: https://www.utemis.com
Whitepaper: https://www.utemis.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/White_Paper_Utemis.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2918419.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UTEMISUTS
Facebook: http://web.facebook.com/utemiskrypto

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