VANTA – Blockchain Project Dedicated to Connecting With Real Businesses to Grow our Ecosystem.

VANTA – As practice shows, humanity has been increasingly bogged down in the Internet, because every day millions of people connect to this network around the world. Many experts claim that over three billion people have been using the Internet. Now imagine what will happen in the next 5-10 years? You can be crazy about the number of users and the amount of content they consume.

Every day trillions of files, then downloaded, then downloaded, then simply viewed in real time. I think if we had heard all this noise of the operations we would have been unable to live on as it would have been unbearable.

But my review today is not about that, but about the fact that due to the rapid growth of the Internet and its number of users, many resources that provide us with the same information traffic begin to experience some difficulties.

Yes, as it is not sad to realize it, but due to the large generation of data on the Internet, many resources like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Hulu begin to experience difficulties with effective transmission of information in real time. Moreover, with the growth and popularization of IoT sensors in the network, there are additional gigabytes of data, which also need to be processed here and now, so that the speed of data transmission does not affect the quality of the work of those very sensors. Thus, every day modern internet networks begin to suffer from the increased load and they have no other choice, how to continue to build up their technical infrastructure.

But to increase your technical capacity you need to spend not a small amount because the process of scaling is expensive. Naturally, this may affect the further price of the resources themselves. After all, we have already managed to reverse how many additional paid functions appeared in the same social networks. There will be more and more. You might think that there is no way out of this situation because we have little that we can change. You are right, we may not help to change this situation, but there are clever guys who saw this problem began to look for her solutions and they found it or rather offered it to us. We will talk about this decision with you.

About the project
The project, which is awarded a separate mission, is called-VANTA. The main goal of the project is to create a real-time new intellectual network that will provide users with not only high-quality data transfer but also low cost of all additional services.

In simple words, you can use this network absolutely for anything, it can be a normal transfer of files or messages, audio or video format, processing IoT data and many other things. And most importantly all this will be available in real time, without any delay.

Project Features
The whole point of the development of this project is its simple and accessible, and most importantly not expensive scalability. The whole point of using blockchain technology allows VANTA to quickly, cheaply, and most importantly in real time to connect to a huge number of modules and nodes, using the integration through the API in the SDK

The presence of blockchain technology in this network allows achieving such important indicators in data transmission as transparency, safety and their further storage in the general ledger. Moreover, blockchain avoids fraudulent hacking of the database and avoids the leakage of personal data of users. VANTA What the traditional stock data transfer resources cannot guarantee. The hacker should only hack their main server, as he immediately on the palm of the user will appear personal data, which in careless use can compromise hundreds of thousands of people.

The VANTA is limitless in terms of application and number of participants. Because this network is easy to implement:
 As a commercial delivery service, shopping, hotel booking, car rental, dating services, and many others;
 To the sports industry, to broadcast various events, competitions and any other information content, including movies and music;
 Into the world of online gaming;
 In the structure of IoT sensors;
 As well as other telecommunication infrastructures of state and hospital institutions.
So we see how versatile the VANTA network is and how the effect

ICO Details
The VANTA principle is built on a standard PGP encryption and a decentralized Namecoin model, allowing it to maintain a transparent level of communication between the various nodes, guaranteeing their safe integration and synchronization.

A VNT token is required to work with the VANTA network. Its cost once again proves cheapness of services of the system, as 1 VNT = 0.00088 USD.
The distribution of tokens is as follows:

VANTA In general, I think the idea and concept of “intellectual network” VANTA you clear. And you both, and me, she liked it. Because the world really needs additional, improved and effective tools to interact with each other. If the project is able to implement everything that the developers claim, I will only be glad. Therefore, I wish them to realize their idea as soon as possible in order to appreciate all their advantages personally.


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