VANTA – Decentralized Network For Secure Connectivity

VANTA  – Good time of day friends, in this review I want to tell you about a promising project VANTA!
Frankly speaking, the project came across absolutely unexpectedly, and he was interested in me with a figure of 1.8 million US dollars in cryptocurrency cashiers Exchange, which he collected during the ICO, only in one South Korea.
Despite the fact that not all teams collect softcover in the course of the ICO, this team is distinguished by its success and very quick steps to success by wide steps. At the moment you can still buy the digital assets of the VANTA project on the website
Why spend ICO?
Everything is simple here, it is a large-scale statement about the readiness of some team, to release their product in life, as a rule, the project already has a business plan  “Roadmap ” of the product itself and the project, attracts investors to fully launch their idea, Funds may be involved in the currency that is designated in the context of the purchase of the project’s digital assets.
With regards to this project-it is surprisingly quickly gaining in its circle of investors who see the prospect in the project VANTA .
In the future, when the token is listed on some exchange, as a rule, if the project is promising, the investments are multiplied.
Optimized work of VANTA system will allow achieving success in a new step to the communication of people, through different gadgets and other Refiria.
About the VANTA-INFINITY Connect Project
The project is a decentralized network that is responsible for the affordable development and maintenance of services that can be scaled.
At this time, all people communicate in one way or another on the internet in chats, sites, social networks, someone communicates on the job, someone’s business, someone to get acquainted on the dating site, a lot of examples can be brought in which direction will VANTA Project is involved.
The priority goal of the project is to create a decentralized network, to transmit data in real time between us with you, various devices and people, VANTA  as the project does not forget that we need privacy, and promises to realize Interesting product, for storage, processing, and data transmission, which will be in demand and involved in various fields, for example:
 Collaborate in real time
 Booking For example apartments, cars, anything
Video content and streaming that touch gamers and just fans of games
 Social Work
 Population census
 Voting etc.
This is only a small percentage of those industries in which the project can be involved, they are much more… Here only remains to include the imagination and apply the finished product
Interesting facts about the project
The structure of the VANTA Networking framework is implemented on the basis of the PGP encryption Standard
Blockchain VANTA is based on the PoN-VRBFT algorithm
VNT are tokens ERC20
Korean project
* * VANTA Network * * Works directly with Oracle ISV/OEM unit
One of the major developers founded the search company when he was 14 years old
Secure and private connection in real time
The project is actively cooperating with the University about Khanyan to support research and development
One of the project’s consultants is vice president of Microsoft Korea
A widely scalable project that is undoubtedly a huge plus
VANTA  Personally I as the person interested in a life blockchain-I see prospects in the given project as have familiarized with the idea, have read a white sheet, have studied social networks of the project and have made for itself conclusion, that the project worthy both from the part of the idea and the team and the country where The project itself is born, all factors are prosperous for the development of a successful product, and the main scale! If you go deep and think how much the idea can be scalable-then you can only wonder about the creativity of the organizers.
The team has social networks, their pages, mail, site, where you can get acquainted with the news that occur in the life of the project team.


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