VECAP – Growing Need for IoT Solutions

VECAP At present, more and more people are concerned about their safety, especially the safety of their homes. Today the phenomenon of Smart House is popular in society. Many houses are crammed with modern electronic and computer equipment to solve all sorts of useful functions. 

Many devices from well-known companies and other little-known manufacturers have serious vulnerabilities in security systems. These include issues such as insufficient encryption, weak authentication requirements (such as the ability to log on automatically), and the ability to connect externally over a VPN. To hack a smart home security system, you need only one unprotected device. Hackers only need to find this technologically weak device to completely destroy the safety of the house.

For example, hackers need less than a minute to hack devices such as telephones, televisions, routers, router, game consoles. The reason is that all of them are connected to the Internet. VECAP The number of electronic and computer devices is growing every year. It is predicted that in 2020 there will be about 50 interconnected devices in each house.
Vecap, to the extent of its capabilities, begins to fight this problem in the security of smart homes. The decision of the company is very simple and ingenious in its kind and at the same time a lot of promise. During the basic actions, smart contract transactions will be used to secure the entire internal network of the smart home. Each action on the Vecap platform will be recorded in a chain of the blockchain. This will be an immutable database that is virtually invulnerable to violations. The hacker will have to hack and gain control of 51% of the network to manage just one device, which is difficult and practically makes the attack impossible.
VECAP In addition, by protecting the channels of communication between each device and combining all smart homes into a decentralized network, VECAP protects against intruders and all personal information of customers. As you can see the company Vecap has reached a new standard in privacy and information protection.
Let’s look at the project roadmap. It points to the plans and objectives of the project developers, both intermediate and basic. The stages of financing and tasks for which it is directed are marked.
2018 Q4 ICO Sale.
2019 Q2 an invitation to the Software development team.
2019 Q3 an invitation to the Hardware development team.
2019 Q4 manufacture of the first vecap devices.
2020 Q1 Development of the software adapter.
2020 Q3 launch of the third-party online store.
2020 Q4 profit margin of 100 million USD the United States.
2021 Q3 Opening of demonstration houses in Europe to familiarize with decisions.
2022 Q2 expansion of the client base up to 1 mln. Customers.
The tokens will be distributed as follows:
10%-Private sales
10%-Team & Advisor
5%-Bounty & Airdrop
This concludes the review. In conclusion, I would like to say that such a project has every chance of success in the crypto community and to bring profit to its investors in the near future.

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