VECAP– Today attracts attention with the smart home systems that are very conspicuous and Every day, we use a lot of things that gradually enter the new ranks of the Internet, namely a built-in iotte sensor. Anything can happen coffee maker, TV, sound system and other electrical devices that can perform any operation remotely. The house is fully equipped with such devices, and as a rule, there are people collectively called the Smart Home system. Someone takes this information seriously, and someone doesn’t dream of living without it.

When we hear how useful, practical, and easy it comes from media sources, and when we protect our time, how safe do we think it is right now? Apparently, the pursuit of snow, the developers of the weed sensors, the safety of sensors and the network they created, they missed a small detail.
This vulnerability has become a perfect backdrop for-profit such as harmful and unpleasant people like hackers. One of the founders of today’s project entered the weak-protected Iotte sensor network and stole personal data without the news. After the incident, this man asked the main question: “How many more victims? ” As it is understood, there are many, and no one can help them to protect their devices. Moreover, with the growth and dissemination of the IoT technology, users are becoming increasingly more and therefore potential fraud victims.

Therefore, in order not to bring the situation to a critical state, the team of experts started looking for solutions, taking into consideration the ways to actively protect all existing technologies and people with iotone sensors. And the Vecap project was born.

About the project
This consensus can ensure the safety of all your IoT devices and thus ensure your safety. Vecap developers believe that the security and confidentiality of human data are above all else, so they created their own uniqueness on every platform that could secure the security of the IoT as well as all of your data.

Design feature
At first glance, it may seem that the men of this project can find out how they differ from such an original and a number of other blockchain projects. But believe me, the principle of your work is different. After all, Vecap is one of several projects that come to help people who are ready to solve the problems that exist in nature. And I propose a small example to understand the essence of this system.
Let’s say you have a home with a “smart home ” System where all Internet jobs are connected to your tablet or smartphone. VECAP Each device on your network operates independently of each other, but is still in the share list, just like the others. If you don’t use any additional security systems, the hacker hacking your access code can use it on all of your devices to steal your personal data and make another dirty trick.

However, if your Internet jobs connect to a single local network and cap with the help of smart contracts, the hacker cannot hack any of your devices. Because the Vecap platform records absolutely all data about devices and also monitors security and varieties. It is almost impossible to cut Vecap because a hacker will need to cut almost 51% of the entire blockchain to gain control of a particular device. For this reason, Vecap once again shows that the system is able to provide us with confidential security regardless of whether it is made from the Iotte sensor manufacturers.

What are the sales and details of the seller?
Any centralized network has its own trading system and payment method for certain services within it. The Vecap will use the token on behalf of VC to perform all internal operations. To do this, the project team planned to release 1 billion pieces of tots. One VC price is set at $0.12.

The target of Softcap is set at 24 million dollars,
The target of Hardcap is 72 million dollars.

VECAP I want to say the following as a result of the project review. I believe that the idea and concept of vecap is open and does not constitute any additional difficulties in the use and implementation of your life. In addition, the presence of the IoT sensors is very important because its main purpose is to protect any Internet device and any personal data associated with them. And because of the progressive growth in this sector, such tools are very necessary, so they have the chance to be number one in the Vecap segment.

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