Vertex – The worlds first ICO aftermarket

Vertex – Blockchain technology we need a large space and more new projects that will help solve the crypto area with unique ideas, services and products. Many new ICO projects are emerging every day. Not for real projects, but we need a platform that we can rely on for scam projects. Vertex chooses the best for you. No more scams, vertex specialists are ranked best projects to make your investment fast profitable! By consulting the evaluation of various projects on the platform, you will be able to choose the projects that interest you.

At this point vertex is engaged, the vertex eco-system will undergo an extremely comprehensive visa process before the ICO projects are listed, giving advice to investors.
Vertex is an ecosystem for ICO and investors. This new project will start to create something that other platforms of its kind have never done before. Vertex creates the world’s first after-sales market. Vertex can be said to be the most comprehensive solution in the ICO market, based on the extraordinary innovations it offers to its users. Given the rate of failure in existing projects, investors can make the decision by leveraging the vertex ecosystem in favor of the best Ico project.

How does the vertex platform work?
Thanks to the six-stage security review mechanism that comes with the vertex ecosystem, the ICS is undergoing some sort of filtration. In this way, investors and businessmen will be able to assess their projects more easily. With Vertex’s mechanism, they can choose the most suitable project for them with the vertex ecosystem and make their investments.

Users at the center of the vertex ecosystem will benefit from a large number of advantages. Designed for the convenience of vertex users as the first instance of the product to choose the best project for investment. Vertex offers its users a new breakthrough in the industry by offering the following advantages:
The security review system is detecting fraudulent projects.
The system separates projects from others that are unlikely to succeed.
Vertex offers its users the most powerful projects at the most affordable prices. We can say that no project in the market has done this.
In addition, the vertex ecosystem will be able to participate in projects that create a special sales event.
Vertex promises that all its users can purchase all token types fairly and evenly.

Vertex platform:
The Platform is currently in Alpha stage and will soon be available as a beta on the website, expected August 2018. The Platform has the following characteristics:

OTC Platform
Decentralization, private key stored on the server
News & Ratings, only to investors
Last Offer
Past performance in supported historical projects

Token Information and ICF:
All token operations on the vertex platform will be made using the Vtex token. The ıcos listed by vertex will need to add Vtex as a purchasing option to their projects. In this direction, it can be said that Vtex is the backbone of the entire ecosystem and brings together the ICS with users.

Token symbol: Vtex
Price 1 Vtex = 0.31 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Date: 27 August 2018-15 December 2018
Total Sales Token quantity: 180 million (60%) Vtex
Accepted cryptocurrency: ETH, BTC
Minimum Investment Amount: 50 USD
Soft cap: 3 million USD
Hard cap: 44.7 million USD
Countries are forbidden to join the United States: USA, China

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