VeryFile – #1 Blockchain Network for Sensitive File Management

VeryFile  Global Blockchain is an investment company that provides investors with access to a number of assets in the blockchain, which is strategically chosen for the balance between stability and growth. Blue chips, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, are equipped with the best cryptocurrency “small caps”, many of which are not yet available to other investors.

Veryfile is a global network of blockchain to manage sensitive files. Individual smart contracts will eliminate national boundaries and link companies around the world.
Veryfile products allow you to create systems on demand that solve current problems of tracking, security, and monitoring of confidential files and documents.
Veryfile, the world’s first blockchain-based file management platform, and Friendsfingers, based on a blockchain browser platform designed to host ICO, announced that their partnership with Veryfile will solve current problems Careful tracking and storage of documents all over the world.

It is now easy to duplicate documents and lose electronic prints on them. It is dangerous to pass documents through an unsafe cloud server if it is a confidential copy. The actual file transfer is not recorded, so there is no way to punish and prevent fraudulent use.
Veryfile services will include tracking, storage, and monitoring of confidential files and documents, VeryFile  data availability and payment risks. We strive to integrate our technologies into existing companies, this will make the business truly efficient, transparent and reliable.
Veryfile has registered well-known consultants, ecosystem partners and conducted a comprehensive market research campaign.
Now we are going to conclude contracts with global companies on the platform. The founder is currently completing the planning of the ICO campaign.

The national law firm of the highest level deals with regulatory aspects. Veryfile plans to collect between 15 and 24 million dollars through private pre-sales and ICO.
If you are fit to this unique opportunity to join the project at the earliest stage, feel free to send messages with any questions.
We are looking for public relations associations ICO and with the experience of ICO withdrawal to the market.

 This person is associated with cryptocurrency, every day spends hours, participating in blockchain and crypto-events, forums, groups Telegram, regional special forums and communities and regional influential persons who move needles. Job Description: As a public relations officer at Veryfile, you will help guide the company in the areas of scoring, branding and leadership. Help Veryfile communicate and streamline his role as a leader in the blockchain space.
 You will maintain a strong network, raise awareness and develop the image of our company and the global brand in the first person. You achieve this by developing and implementing effective communications, personal meetings, and media relations programs.
 We strive for constant presentation and brand messages in major news releases, events, meetings, meetings, events, forums and blogs.
 We are looking for candidates with entrepreneurial thinking and high growth, having extensive experience in measuring the effectiveness of PR in Web/mobile companies.
Primary responsibility:
Brand positioning, help Veryfile identifies and transmits messages and product positioning on the market. Improves business development functions, helps veryfile to participate or carry out activities that help to stimulate growth in the company’s market. Translate brand positioning through marketing and advertising F2F.

VeryFile  Competitive compensation Package (VER Token +% income from ICO + bonus) opportunities to reform the ecosystem of document management in highly developed and fast-growing sectors.
The opportunity to enter the blockchain industry, as well as work on the blockchain Ethereum and develop new skills.
_very passionate thinking in platform development and pleasant environment. 10 hours/week-2-4k $ in VER tokens/month; 0.1% of ICO income/3 months; _

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