Viva Network- Finance Your home, Invest in Mortgages or Trade Tokenized Mortgage Bonds.

Viva Network  – The innovative Project Viva Network is designed to ensure effective interaction between investors and potential users of the mortgage, in a green decentralized system. The work of the platform is based on the use of blockchain-mechanism, which provides transparent and advantageous interaction of the parties, as well as a high level of safety of operations. The modern ecosystem will be created in accordance with the Ethereum platform, allowing the relationship of mortgage borrowers on the site fractionalized Mortgage shares (FMS).
The project team for the implementation of the ecosystem plans to create a unique FMS Exchange application to carry out secure transactions in the purchase and sale of any type of housing on the secondary market. The use of mortgages in Viva Network will allow creditors to purchase mortgage loans from customers buying real estate in any city. The modern platform allows making transactions simple and fast.
Each user taking part in the transaction has free access to the real estate market. The possibility of using international arbitration offers great opportunities for borrowers and investors. After all, it is characterized by low-interest rates and gives a real opportunity to obtain a loan on favorable terms, which in turn will allow the greatest return on investment. As a result, absolutely all market participants will benefit.
The aim of the Viva Network project
The main task of creating an innovation ecosystem is the need to improve the existing mortgage market, which is simply not able to provide safe and efficient transactions. As a result of the project implementation, a new platform will be created allowing to carry out profitable, completely transparent and at the same time operative transactions, on the sale and purchase of real estate. The main feature of the project is a new technology created by Viva Network developers to finance mortgage loans. It uses an intelligent contract-based infrastructure to implement it. The perfect financial system allows providing mutually beneficial cooperation of investors and borrowers from different countries.
Main advantages of the project
The main advantages of Viva Network are:
 Application of the latest technologies, proven on the good side. It is available for use on mobile devices running on Android, through applications.
 Provides decentralized and at the same time free financing of mortgage loans. That allows to carry out all operations on purchase and sale without the attraction of third parties.
 The ecosystem is a free market of mortgages, which provides transparency of transactions, which allows you to see exactly the interest rate of the loan. Makes the real estate industry more efficient and affordable.
 Application of fractionated packages on the mortgage, allows creditors to receive mortgage loans of buyers from any city of the world for the purchase of the real estate. Which greatly facilitates and speeds up the process for buyers.
 Gomograficheskij the encryption method used by the project provides a high level of data security and confidentiality.
 The project has detailed documentation that simplifies the use of both investors and borrowers.
 The benefits of cooperation shall be received by each of the parties participating in the transaction.

Viva Network is one of the most promising projects in the real estate market. Therefore, all participants in the mortgage industry will be interested in this ecosystem, as it is able to bring good profits.

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