VIVIDTOKEN Great thought about the great changes that you can get with us in the world of Kriptovaljutnosti,-the most beautiful thing that will change the whole social life, and we have what you need to learn our vision, then you will be glad to hear your success.
Vision to develop what is fun from the adventure market cryptocurrency and builds as attractive as possible. Not just a platform that can include newbies and veterans – it’s more than they expected, but we’ll also be creating media that pushes the limits of computation around what the world can offer. The creative environment will evolve over the years for a certain purpose. However, we all now live in an era that has never happened before.
To be in this world, that our ancestors have fled for thousands of years, are certain moments from the complete transformation that takes place in our day and age. Special computing will be a key factor in reshaping the meaning in life, we hope to make some enlightening opportunities for you and your digital, convergent currency equivalence within the Vivid Platform. As a developing company, we want to bring together all the working users to meet each other and transfer them to a fully integrated platform and various user experiences. Tools that help a person maintain a healthy and growing portfolio.
For many people, the use of mobile applications to track portfolios is very important. Direct integration with smartphones or tablets allows users, for example, to warn certain coins that are sent as push notifications, where they can be easily seen and responded to.
Blockchain Digital distributed registers are recorded cryptographically when transactions are made chronologically and publicly recorded. However, the world of cryptocurrency is multifaceted and fully exploited where trading charts and market data are far from two dimensions. With the advent of modern smartphones and high quality outside of position tracking, has helped to create a set of services for their portfolios in depth and in their own understanding,
This exciting technological knot and our passion for trade, as well as the latest in Augmented and Mixed Reality, have led us to the creation of Vivid.
With a very dazzling look that would greatly pamper its users.
With applications such as Discord, Tradingview, Slack, Reddit, Bitcointalk, YouTube and many others, traders and newcomers find many ways to publish, consume, and interact with all the different demography of the cryptocurrency space.
Billions are lost due to server failures.
When users rely on a wide range of services to achieve overall cryptocurrencies  and management work, the loss of any of these applications can mean serious problems, sometimes even leading to lost profits.
Vivid brings it all together with Vivid Token.
With so many different platforms and user accounts that are needed to create a group with Kriptofonom with friends and other people from around the world, for even the best traders can be a daunting task and a lot of time to cope with Users for hundreds of times a day.
You’ve probably heard of bitcoin, Jefiriume, money or even pulse… All these cryptocurrencies became unnecessary for the banking systems we have today. But only a small part of the available Kriptosov is mentioned. To be more accurate in numbers, today is available more than 1000 cryptocurrency, and the number grows rapidly. Why is it so, the answer is simple, blockchain technology is used for more and more goals because it is evolving and growing.
One of the vivid examples of this evolution is blocklancer. The main goal, in general, is to connect Ethereum Blockchain and the freelance market.
Freelancing is an “Internet traffic” where small jobs are offered to everyone who can meet the requirements of certain projects and wants to work. The work is done, evaluated and paid. The practical problem with this concept is that, as always, there are bad freelancers who do not cope with the task, but they present their solution. The solution is bad, you lose time to check it, you still need to pay them. ,
With the power of Blockchain technology, Blocklancer will be a self-regulating freelancing platform, with a reduction in the number of fraudulent projects, as this is the main goal. This is only for the restoration of ideas or money. One of the main considerations is to increase the confidence of both the user and the employer in securing payments and reducing fraud.
The Blocklancer team is developing a platform that anyone can use, from qualified computer professionals to people who have not heard of Blokchejne. Job search should be as simple as 2 + 2. Simplicity is the focus of this new platform.
If you are working on a project and you are faced with a barrier that you can not overcome? You don’t have to worry! Now you can simply create an offer that you are willing to pay someone to solve your problem in blocklancer, and wait for the freelancers to see you or if you are in a hurry, you can directly contact the trusted freelancers, community-rated.

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