VOLT Blockchain-Based P2P Delivery Model That Solves Limitation of The Same Day Delivery

Volt -today is the digital age where all the work is done instantly and everyone doesn’t want to throw away their time to do things that are less important.
Even today, they are too busy to shop, and the only way is to rely on online shopping.
And for online shopping of course delivery service items needed to get to the destination.

However, the current problems are largely market delivery service such as the estimated price of the service, the speed of delivery, quality of the limitations that exist do not comply with the expectations of most people.
Solutions From Voltage Volts
To solve all the problems mentioned above then the Volt platform developed.
Simply Volt is an enhanced platform on the existing centralized delivery platform, like UBER, to allow direct P2P delivery.
The P2P model allows between courier and customers to communicate directly without intermediaries so that will reduce the cost by less than 5%.
Core concepts of VOLT are 3 parts to be merged in 1 platform i.e. volts.
1. Decentralization-VOLT is a decentralized platform. There is no intermediary, which leads to lower prices for customers while courier will get the maximum benefit.
2. Transparency-Transparency is what the VOLT strive to offer. All customers and couriers, or shipping company, benefit from privacy and transparency of costs and expenses.
3. A security-secure payment system that allows two entities P2P confirmed for sending and receiving the money stored in the Token VOLTS until after a successful service exchange between the parties.
How Does The Volt?
The business model of the VOLT connect customers and couriers and provides a special algorithm which utilizes Big Data and the appropriate systems that use smart contracts to facilitate the delivery of services. Customers need coins VOLT for use of this service.
The time of delivery of food, goods, delivery distance, a time required, taking into account the weight of the goods shall be determined in accordance with the number of the difficulties of the job. These work units called  “Jula “.

For example, if a customer wants to send goods to the point of being called A 2 km away and you need 600 Jula, and 1200 Jula are asked to send the same goods to B point 6 km away. An optimal algorithm for developing the VOLT to calculate the amount of work on this, and will introduce a system of the lowest auction (auction) for some special delivery.
VOLT coin required for buyers to ask for service delivery. That is, to ask for a few coins, Jula VOLT performance that matches is used. The ratio of VOLTS to the Jula coins is not always constant. The ratio of the first VOLT to Jula coins started at 1:1. The ratio can be changed according to the prices in the market.

Website: https://volttech.io
Whitepaper : https://volttech.io/public/Final%20VOLT%20White%20paper%200410.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3285508.0
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Volt_Technology
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Telegram: http://t.me/voltico
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