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Waves X  With the development of the cryptocurrency industry, there is a need for a separate platform by which many new users will be able to create tokens for their needs and ensure the activities of their projects. These platforms today have Waves and Ethereum, they make it easy to release your own tokens and start using them. Both platforms have many positive sides, but at the same time offer their vision of certain moments. Waves have very significant merit in the crypto community due to its technological solutions, but technology is developing and enthusiasts can offer their improvements to the original product. The main task of the project Waves X is to improve the original product, the solution of all its problematic moments, and while maintaining the undeniable advantages, implemented it will be through the Hard fork Waves.

Then you,MrWaves X?
Waves X is cryptocurrency created as a result of Hard fork Waves. Using the basic postulates of digital assets, such as openness, decentralization, community involvement in the development of the project, the Waves X team will take as a basis the original code of the Waves project and make its own changes to enable this Platform faster, safer and decentralized, the result of these actions will become Waves X. In this way, the project wants to keep all the benefits available and make the necessary changes that will definitely benefit the platform.

Solutions and Benefits
First we need to repeat that Waves X will retain all the key virtues of the original Waves, but to begin with, let’s list them.

And so to the pluses of Waves can be attributed:
High transaction speed. It is many times superior in this parameter Bitcoin and ether Stability and low transactions. Waves X  No matter what the load on the network the transaction fee is always the same and it is much less than the fee on other networks. Convenience. It is very easy to release your own tokens on the Waves platform.
It is difficult to argue that these qualities are very necessary for the mass application of platform capabilities, stability and ease of use make the platform truly popular among users.

Roadmap of the project
One of the important components of the success of the project is a clear plan of action, which is necessary to achieve its goal, Waves X has such a plan and it is displayed on the roadmap of the project.

The idea originated at the end of 2018 since then was developed the concept of the fork and future improvements. Already on January 17, 2019 year will be produced hard fork and a new coin wvsx will appear. The first quarter of the 2019 year will be very important for the new project, because it is expected during this time a lot of innovations, including the introduction of a full set of functions to conduct ICO, listing the WVSX token on the exchanges, auditing the platform code…

Waves X  The second quarter of 2019 will continue the development of the project at an active pace, smart contracts to be added to the platform, the project team will be expanded and work on the decentralized exchange will be started and work on mobile purses would begin.

In the third and fourth 2019 year quarter is expected to launch mobile applications, create smart contract templates, features to simplify work with Dapps and many more-many other innovations await the project.

Waves X Wallets
Already in the second quarter of the project will begin the process of developing their own mobile purses for Android/IOS and in a short time, they are available to the general public for use, as will be the available wallet for PC and online wallet.

Bounty Waves X: 30 December – 17 January

Wesbsite : https://waves-x.com
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5091265.0
Whitepaper : https://waves-x.com/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/wavesx
GitHub : https://github.com/waves-x
Twitter : https://twitter.com/wavesx_platform

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