What’s on Pic Make A Store from Every Single Photo

What’s On Pic Friends now is the time that everyone in the pocket smartphone with a camera. Many of us make a huge number of interesting and beautiful photos, but for some reason, these people do not think about the fact that you can make good money on your own product. Yes, put in social networks to boast of a loved ones-it’s good. What I’m suggesting. I invite everyone and those who like to take pictures and have an entrepreneurial vein, to look at a new solution in this area from

Whatsonpic is a whole platform designed to help a user who wants to sell or buy goods in the image. The app is now available for IOS device owners and as an extension for the most common browsers. With the help of this platform, it is very easy to buy goods looking at his picture on the Internet. To do this, just click on the image, and you will be moved to the store, where you can directly make the purchase of interesting things to you.

As it was told earlier, now almost everyone has a smartphone, and therefore to make a qualitative photo of the goods is not difficult. Very soon, the service will be integrated with social networks, we’re now a huge number of users. That is why the potential for work is simply huge. So why not make money? I would also like to note that in such a directory, it is much easier to choose an interesting thing, rather than to break the internet and stay with nothing.

To work with Whatsonpic, you must install the application. It can already be downloaded to IOS device owners as well as to the PC as a browser extension. Having seen on the internet the interesting thing, the user clicks on it and receives all the information interesting to it. Up to where you can buy it. It is also necessary to note that this is not a simple application, but with the integration of the work of artificial intelligence. This will allow you to recognize even duplicates of the initial image of the product, which increases the search quality.

The main payment facility on the Whatsonpic platform is the AWT token. The cost of this token is now protected by the application’s working model and the ever-growing community of interested people. Everyone who interacts with the platform receives a reward. All AWT token holders are allowed to sell, buy and exchange them on the exchange for fiat currencies. The ever-growing demand for the app and community development will boost the price of AWT tokens. Also, the most important part of the price growth of the token is the constant redemption of users and incineration.

Since the team already has a finished product, let’s look into the future and see what they have planned. First of all, I would like to note the gradual development of the platform and access to the world market, i.e. to Europe, Asia, and other continents. It greatly expands the possibility of buying interesting things. The second is the introduction of new algorithms for working with images, which will improve the search at times. Thirdly, the creation of new stores to download images with goods that will be available to everyone. Well, in the end, I would like to note the launch of its own dropshipping system for better conversion of profits. This is planned for the next year. And, after about a year, it is expected to introduce the function of aggregation with social networks. In general, it will be very easy to work. Do not miss this opportunity.

What’s On Pic In my opinion, representatives of Whatsonpic offer us the best solution for monetization of goods on the image in the modern market. I would like to note that I still have not met such a plan. Their product is already working, which is a great advantage over competitors. In addition, the availability of innovative technologies makes the product very easy to use. I also like the community Development team’s plan, as well as the burning of tokens to increase its value. As you can see, the project representatives have already calculated the development of their brainchild for a couple of years ahead.

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