WhatsOnPic Will Let Users Tag Any Photo on The Internet

What’s On Pic – The Whatsonpic token (AWT) is the world’s first token, protected by a working business model and a growing audience of the e-commerce market. Our business model allows participants to interact with the platform and receive incentives in AWT tokens. Members of the Whatsonpic community will earn tokens when the purchase occurs through the messages they have noted. 
Whatsonpic will allow users to mark any photo on the Internet and social networks with applications IOS, Android, as well as with browser extensions. Artificial intelligence algorithms will allow you to recognize the products in the photo, as well as all the duplicates of this photo on the Internet. By pressing the desired product in the picture, the user will see more information about the product and get links to the stores to go to the purchases. 
Members earn AWT every time a purchase is made from a Publisher publication.

What’s on Pic-blockchain solution for e-commerce or assistant to the ordinary user, so assure the developers of this project. What are the features and why do you even need what’s On Pic?
The main function that is already implemented in the application, What’s On Pic Web client and browser extensions is as follows: AI algorithms (artificial intelligence) can recognize products in photos, similar to the previously acclaimed project “Find face “.  here you will be able to try out the algorithm developers.
What’s on Pic-built on the Ethereum blockchain and has a smart contract. What’s On Pic has its own token AWT. Blockchain serves for the database, saving, analyzing, searching.
What’s On Pic integration for business or work
What’s On Pic can be integrated into online stores to facilitate product search, AI algorithms in conjunction with blockchain can be used as a partnership of large corporations, example: the buyer is looking for goods on the site “A “, uploading a photo is such Product is not on this site, but there is on the site “B “, cooperation stores creates additional traffic of potential customers.
With what’s On Pic you can mark any photo on the Internet and social networks, the user will receive a number of similar pictures and links to online stores, which will sell the product from the photo.
Token (AWT) and smart contract
Ethereum Blockchain makes what’s On Pic a safe platform, and using a smart contract allows you to open your own online store. The photo with the goods is uploaded to the service, the links to the shops with this product are selected, the examples :
What’s On Pic If a person clicks and makes a purchase on your photo, you are credited with a cash-back Cash-back reward will be coming in AWT tokens, coins can be directly sold or like that used on the platform. Exchange in AWT tokens is decentralized, all data is stored in the blockchain, it gives the right (if desired) to work anonymously.
What’s On Pic So, summing up, make the decision yourself, what for you “What’s On Pic “. To familiarize with the project more detailed, I will leave useful links below. The author is not responsible for any actions made by readers after reading this article.

Wesbsite : https://whatsonpic.io
Whitepaper : https://whatsonpic.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/WOP_WP_Eng.pdf
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Telegram : https://t.me/whatsonpic
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Twitter : https://twitter.com/whatsonpic
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