White Rabbit Identified 5 Main challenges to the film and series industry

White Rabbit is a plug-in for the browser, which allows legally display the goal in film or television series which is available on the web. White Rabbit offers p2p systems are tested based on blockchain technology which allows users to access content across the world.

White Rabbit is an application for a browser, giving a flow is not obstructed to the user. Plugin recognize content streaming and it allows a user offers a sign of White Rabbit (WRT) to the holder of the rights to the content (CRH). CRH received a token, smart signed a contract with the White Rabbit. After that, CRH does not require additional action to receive payment for future flows. The process is now automated. After receiving the token, the user can continue to send content, and for high-quality original version of CRH is available in the Rabbit Hole. High quality version available to users at any time. White Rabbit along with Rabbit Hole is a great tool for CRH, which allows their memonetisasi, manage and develop IP rights.

White Rabbit token (WRT) works as follows:
1) users buy WRT for sale marker or through exchanges.
2) users submit content from site P2Pstreaming or open server.
3) contract award from allot of smart content streaming between CRH (75%), white rabbit (15%) and White Rabbit PSS (10%). Registered non-PSS receives 5% of revenues, the remaining 5%-WR.
4) CRH can exchange currency WRT to crypto, which allows it to convert to FIAT

Contract Intelligent (Smart Contract)
Smart contracts can ensure sharing of appreciation to all stakeholders, based on an agreement to restore the content, at the discretion of CRH
Blockchain ensure complete transparency of the ledger for all stakeholders, including producers, investors and artists
Immediate revenue-payments from users to the holders of rights
Income can be distributed through the collecting agencies, manufacturers or directly to each individual rights holder, any desired by the holders of rights as provided for by the contract of their smart.White Rabbitissued earnings reports for content with CRH and non-personal data with CRH in the discretion of the user

Revenue model White Rabbit
$2 for film and $1 for the Film series in which the White Rabbit holding rights or territory to global income income collection (regional price variations may apply).
White Rabbit will offer content with a global deal or the current region to collect films without income (piracy) and distributors at a cost of a little territory.
CRH may adjust the price if they so choose.
The user may decide to give additional rewards to artists and entertainers (Director, writer, composer, actor, etc.) at the end of the film (during the credits).
Revenue was divided 75% to CRH, 15% for White Rabbit, 10% to the PSS site or sites listed in the non-PSS 5% with the remaining 5% for White Rabbit

This competition aims to make it easier for users to find the movies they like. Eight sites based on their user interface, search and branding will be chosen to get $100,000. The site must meet the criteria of and receive the White Rabbit and fulfill their promises before receiving those funds. Two sites will receive an additional $100,000 based on the number of users, and more choose the jury.

The flow of the market in 2016 is $29.4 billion. At the same time, the projected increased 206 million users doubled to $65 billion in 2010 from 383 million users.
The transformation of the film industry they can take it will change the way we view entertainment.
Join the ICO today and take it to the fingertips of film and best awaited blockbuster movie and watched with one touch of a button. Welcome to the era of digital entertainment that is completely decentralized

Presale: Nov 27th, 2017
Sale token: 2018 quarter 1-30 day sale
Soft cover: 5000 ETH
Target average: 12,500 ETH
Hard cover: 25,000 ET
The price of Tokens at the ICO WRT-TBA

WEBSITE :http://www.whiterabbit.one
WHITEPAPER :https://whiterabbit.one/docs/White_Rabbit-White_Paper_v1.0.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2472674.0
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