Worldex A New Standard An Exchanges

Worldex – Let me present to you today a project, the ICO of which is already in very long and minimal fees already achieved: the platform WorldEx. As the name of the project shows, WorldEx is a stock exchange platform for trading and exchanging cryptocurrency around the world.

Characteristics of the WorldEx platform
The platform will be distinguished by a convenient interface, reduced tariffs in comparison with other, different methods for deposit placement, availability in many countries. There will be hard protocols for complete security, hardware and online e-wallets, a section of science-for the exchange of experience and knowledge and ideas, including analytical analysis of recent actions, access to independent opinions of experts cryptocurrency.
To ensure the functionality of the Web application, a dynamic PHP Web system CodeIgniter is planned. Cryptocurrency will be sold and purchased: in BTC (bitcoin), ETH (Jefirium), USDT (WorldEx coin), ZZC (Zozo coin), LTC (Lajtkoin). No Fiatnaja currency will be supported.
The platform will be on duty 24/7 with well trained technical support staff based in the USA, Philippines and Dubai.

Processing speed will be 1 800 000 requests per second.
SSL Certificates with advanced Authentication (EV) will be used for additional security and protection of users
Security will consist of 4 levels: Normal, SMS, KYC (Know your client), tracking input and verification when suspicion arises.
You will be able to use the Platform software on the following devices in several languages: Web, Android, PC (Windows), IOS, HTML5, REST API.
Cloud Server
COMPUTE Cloud Cluster COMPUTE Quadruple Extra Large instances-designed specifically computer, significantly exceeding the computational speed and technical parameters of most computers to provide one-minute computational Analyses. In the event of an hour-peak or too many activity, WorldEx will be able to simply engage the additional Compute cluster Amazon EC2 cluster, and then fall to the desired level, which allows you to use resources sparingly.
Virtual Private servers will be divided into 5 different segments for security purposes.
 Database server operating on the basis of MySQL
 Session server acting as DAEMON tokens, as for example, an electronic purse of any cryptocurrency.
 Web application/exchanger. Mainly intended for registration/logging into the Web application and maintenance of the website. This server will be divided into two separate servers to ensure that there is no overload during the period of activity of a large number of users.
 Server API-Server Ubunto will be responsible for confirmation of all requests of purses, storage of private keys
 Real-time server-real-time server required to perform blockchain actions in real time.
 Prioritization algorithm (optional segment)-will be used on the basis of configurations. Automatic matching of purchase and sale requests based on a priority of the order of precedence.

Price policy:
 The initial fee for the exchange will be 0.15% fixed
 There will also be other rates including free promotion, multilevel estimates based on the amount, scheme “maker-taker ”
 No plan to exceed the rate of more than 0.15%
 For the withdrawal of funds, it is possible to levy small commissions
 It is possible to levy a certain fee for the introduction of new Kriptomonet to the Exchange Lists.
 It is possible to levy a commission for margin trading (trading with the use of money on credit)
 Each quarter, 25% of the profit will be used for reverse redemption and destruction of WDX tokens until 50% of all user tokens are redeemed. In the end, only 50 million WDX will remain.

Tokens WDX (sale)
• Ticker (short name): WDX
• Total Cap (total): 100 million WDX
• Tokens for ICO participants: 50 million WDX
• Soft Cap (minimum target): 4 million
• Hard cap (maximum target): 10 million
• Price: 1wdx = 0.65 dollars
• Payment Method: pts, ETH, ZZC.
• The beginning of Kraudsejl (sale): March 18, 2018
• End of Kraudsejl: May 30, 2018

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