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WorldEx platform is a new generation platform that offers customers and traders different opportunities to increase their income. The company WorldEx INC is registered in the UK. In the future, the platform will be available worldwide in connection with the implementation of further development in the IOS-application. For functionality and promotion of a modern, but easy to use the platform, the portal provides a convenient interface, quick withdrawal and payment through online wallets. In addition, WDX guarantees a lower commission fee when entering the world market.
Transactions and internal interactions on the platform will be performed through WorldEx tokens (WDX). Consumers or customers have every chance to get help during the initial order. Platform users have every chance to get tokens from referral or motivational programs. Token holders can use tokens to access motivational programs, auctions, syndicates, and internal CPA exchanges. Token holders will receive bonuses for all types of prizes or payments they make using tokens.
Thanks to the experts WorldEx miners will be able to send their orders and tokens, keep track of orders while keeping records of their trading history in real time. This is an important aspect in terms of the warranty since tokens never leave the Kriptokoshelek platform until the trading is completed.
The WorldEx platform carries out the purchase/sale of the following cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH, USDT, ZZC, LTC. It is necessary to note, that Worldsex does not plan to work with any fiat currencies, in turnover only cryptocurrency. The platform works through smart contracts, which provides additional protection for users ‘ funds.
The advantages for investors are that there is a five referral program on the platform. Earnings will depend on the investor. Working on this platform allows you to use multilingual Support service in non-stop mode, the ability to work with the target and content-generating audience, the use of simple methods of obtaining internal and external traffic. WorldEx The price, which is traded on the platform, will be stored in a hardware purse, which is considered harmless and easy to use. The WorldEx platform is configured on the Open technology Lamp stack using the best practices of high-performance HTML5 Web application development (JSON-RPC) for all cryptocurrency with experienced developers from the security financial background and software Ensure.
Benefits for investors
Personal Five Referral Program
Earnings from personal and joint achievements
Monetization of created content
Unification to earn on joint activity
Customer Benefits
Personal Five Referral Program
Multilingual Customer Service 24/7
Target and content-generating audience at the beginning of the project
Simple methods of getting internal and external traffic
WDX Tokens: Key Benefits
WDX tokens are a priority internal mechanism for interoperability on the WorldEx platform. Earnings from referral and motivational programs are paid by WDX tokens. Most internal services use only WDX tokens.
Motivational and referral programs, auction, internal CPA network rely only on WDX tokens
Unlike Fiat payments, when paying for game purchases tokens WDX, users are given a discount
1/3 Commission platform from Internal CPA network and auction transactions will be burnt by smart contract
Start ICO March 18, 2018
End of ICO May 30, 2018
Token character: WDX
Marker Standard: ERC 20
Total number of tokens: 100 million (WDX)
Soft CAP: 4 million USD
HARD CAP: 10 million USD
Token Price: 1 WDX = $0.65
Round 1:03/18/18 ending 04/02/18 with 30% bonus
Round 2: Start 04/03/18 ending 04/18/18 with 20% bonus
Round 3: Start 04/19/18 ending 05/04/18 with 10% bonus
Round 4: Start 05.05.18 ending 05/30/18 with 0% bonus
As it should be obvious, WorldEx Exchange is one of the best projects of this subject. This project will allow its users to contribute to public trade and choose successful investment strategies that would always stay in the positive.

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