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WPP ENERGY This platform is created to reduce the cost of green energy in most countries of the world by transmitting data on electricity generation from wholesale renewable energy producers around the world to the platform. WPP Energy’s own surplus energy production will also be captured on the platform and will be available for purchase.
HHO-Transforming polluted power plants into green energy WPP has a critical green energy solution to improve the world by converting as many polluting power plants as possible into non-polluting Power Plant Environment (20 000 existing now). This WPP initiative will grow on the size of the renewable energy sector, which is already a huge multi-billion dollar market.

WPP Energy has conducted research and development over the past 3 years using advanced technology to find innovative methods to transform polluting power plants into environmentally friendly energy. The transformation of WPP Energy Power Plant begins testing in the third quarter of 2018 in Greece and then go to Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany and many other countries of the world.

Team WPP and AEG Industrial engineering team will unite efforts to update the solution of the HHO transformation. This will ensure satisfaction of the market needs and expectations of customers. Both WPP ENERGY and AEG INDUSTRIAL Engineering understand that the world is waiting for a viable solution that will drastically reduce global pollution and warming, and the global demand for this solution is expected to be extremely strong.

The main focus of the WPP is to transform the existing polluting power plants operating on coal, natural gas, oil and gasoline as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. The decision to transform WPP will also reduce the operating costs of the power plant by 65% and significantly increase the efficiency of power plants.

Solution to convert WPH HHO WPP Conversion solution is placed inside a ready-to-secure 20-inch container that allows you to turn polluting oil, coal, natural gas and petrol power plants into a highly efficient zero Pollution of steam plants (HHO). After conversion, they will produce a sufficient amount of gaseous hydrogen mixed with other H2O applications, creating maximum efficiency, capable of operating at a power plant of 500 MW or 1000 MW. Zero Carbon footprint is a WPP approach to the outcome of the conversion process and a strong contribution to reducing global warming.

WPP ENERGY Mobile power plant.
We present the next generation of WPP ENERGY MOBILE POWER STATION, which is placed inside a sealed 40-foot container. This is an HHO turnkey plant that will produce from 1 mw/h to 2.5 MW/h as a self-independent solution requiring only the input of a regular water line connection. Our innovative technology turns water into HHO, mixed with a safe environmental application, to create clean and green energy.

The cost of electricity produced by the WPP Mobile power station is part of traditional energy sources. It can be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world. The ease of transportation by air, by rail, by sea, by truck or by heavy-duty helicopter means that areas in the world that are not served or are not served in the right way will have a viable and direct source of energy.

1. Power Plant turnkey. When HHO POWERSTATION CONTAINER arrives at the designated delivery point, it is ready from the 1st day for the production of electricity. No internal power plant assembly required. All systems are exposed only to the connection of the water line.
2. Low cost of electricity production. The operating cost of the HHO power plant is part of other energy sources, which is 75% less than most other traditional energy sources.
3. Produces at least 1 MW/h. Depending on what configuration is ordered, the power plant produces from 1 MW/h to 2.5 MW/h.
4. Clean energy. The HHO power plant uses water as a fuel cell, oxygen. Other important private technologies are also used in this power plant. No harmful emissions are produced to help the problems of pollution and global warming.
5. Only water connection is required. In addition to the prepared flat surface, the only thing necessary for the operation of your HHO POWER STATION is the connection of cold water.
6. Available for all climates. Cold, hot or humid climates are equally well suited for the use of HHO power plant containers. It has a heavy duty design, insulated and the inside of the unit is controlled by the climate.
7. Internet and WI-FI. The HHO container is equipped with a powerful parabolic retractable power antenna, which is designed to wind 100 miles per hour. An Internet connection allows you to transfer power data to WPP servers to monitor system performance using WPP. Wi-Fi provides access to the Internet for users within range.

Peculiarities of the exchange.
1. On the platform will be bargained 20 + different cryptocurrency related to energy.
2. Increased liquidity for all participating types of cryptocurrency.
3. The platform will charge some of the lowest commissions in the industry.
4. Quick Bargaining.
5. Public address of the WPP purse and the WPP application to support trading activities.
6. Implementation of best practices for security.
7. Adding new types of currency as the industry grows.
8. The new coin runs will be checked for compliance.
9. Quick support for Forks and Airdropov.

ICO Period
Preico Start: 01.07.2018 completion: 01.08.2018 ICO start: 07.09.2018 completion: 07.12.2018

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