WULET Development of a Safe Ecosystem Based on Blockchain

Wulet –  This platform is built on the basis of blockchain technology, this platform will provide users who do not have special knowledge, the opportunity to work with cryptocurrency in everyday life, and trading companies through the use of this site get opportunity to attract new buyers and motivate for new purchases of those that already exist. Wulet is a platform designed to integrate many different loyalty programs into one ecosystem, while cryptocurrency will be used as a payment unit on this platform. With this cryptocurrency, users will be able to carry out trading transactions, create new affiliate programs, Exchange cryptocurrency for Fiat money or bonus points that are needed for use in other affiliate programs.
You can work with the platform either by using a computer or by using a mobile application that has exactly the same functionality as the desktop. The application for Smrtfonov will be available in the Web Store and Google Play. In addition to the inexpensive and profitable way of earning cryptocurrency for the average user, Wulet will give online shops and other trading institutions effective tools for fast organization of cost loyalty programs, not requiring large investments.
Goals and objectives of the project:
Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, today only a few have at their disposal cryptocurrency and are able to use it. The main task of the Wulet site will be to popularize the use of cryptocurrency as a full-fledged payment instrument in everyday life, for this purpose an ecosystem will be created allowing users to monetize all available Bonus programs, including those aimed at attracting new customers. The site is designed both for users of the market B2C and for the average user who wants to get their bonus points, turn them into real money or pay them some goods or services. And the use of blockchain technology will provide an opportunity to organize a completely secure system of mutual payments, which negates any risk of loss as a result of malicious actions of hackers. Blockchain also assumes full transparency of all financial transactions and the use of smart contracts, which will reduce the risk of users becoming victims of fraud.
Customers and contractors will be able to register on the platform. Customers are users who buy certain products and services from the platform’s contractors. Contractors-users who sell their products and services using the Wulet platform and reward customers with bonus points. Contractors can also be attributed to those who sell their goods and services directly in exchange for bonus points. Thus, bonus points are a motivational reward of customers for purchasing goods and services from contractors as well as for attracting new customers to the platform. All this will be combined into a single ecosystem, providing cooperation between buyers and sellers. The site will coordinate cooperation, determine and monitor compliance with the terms of this cooperation and ensure the security of transactions.
Wulet will work on two schemes to select the user:
The first is operations with a unified token called WU, the second with the use of the internal loyalty exchange. Companies will buy these tokens and decide on the amount of the award in cryptocurrency, which will be awarded to the buyers. In this case, users will be able to choose how they want to use Wulet-or via premium client with WU tokens without the right to use them in the Affiliate program. This scheme of work will only be intended to encourage users to participate in the Affiliate program. The second scheme is the use of the WU-token as a full-fledged means of payment, which can reward users, pay for goods and services and accept it as payment. In this case, partners will attract new customers and motivate them to buy. You can also use the WU token to pay for related services such as advertising screensavers in programs, games, and system applications, contextual advertising, or push notifications.
Wulet  The platform uses a principle based on the mixing of traditional loyalty programs with referral systems, which today work perfectly well and have proven in millions of network trading projects, but Wulet will allow Significantly reduce the cost of organizing such programs, which will save money to suppliers of goods and services, as well as provide the opportunity for participants to receive more rewards for participation in loyalty programs. 
Among the main advantages of the project is to note:
 Blockchain. This advanced technology will ensure that all data is securely stored in a decentralized repository.
 Intellectual contracts. Ensure that users are protected against fraud and bad faith.
 All referral programs and other loyalty programs will be collected in one ecosystem, which makes it easier to search for customers who have a desire to save money, and sellers to motivate new customers in this way.
 Presence of own cryptocurrency and internal purses. It will allow making internal settlements quickly and safely without the involvement of intermediaries and risk of loss of funds.
Category: Commerce, trade
Location: Estonia
Coin Name: WU
Platform: EOS
Coin Standard: ERC-20
Coin value: 0.001 ETH
Total coins issued: 91 million
will be offered for sale of coins: 70%
Presale: 7 May 2018-1 July 2018
Main sale July 1, 2018-1 September 2018
Soft cap: 8 000 ETH
Hard cap: 49 000 ETH
Cryptocurrency accepted for payment: ETH, BTC, LTC
Wulet  No matter how ambitious and far-reaching the objectives of the project would seem-their achievement looks quite real because of the fact that such services have long been in demand in the market, and the project itself is completely new, unparalleled, hence not having Competitors. In addition, the platform has already managed to enlist the support of serious and reliable partners, and most importantly-managed to build a professional team of developers with many years of experience with the technology blockchain and has in its The track record is already a few ready and successfully working projects.

Website: https://wulet.io
WhitePaper: https://wulet.io/wu_pres_en.pdf
Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3914798
Twitter: http://twitter.com/wulet_io
Facebook : http://facebook.com/wulet.io
Telegram: https://t.me/wulet_io
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