WULET Your Personal Cryptocashback From Everyday Purchases That You Can Use However You Like!

WULET  – will be a blockchain platform that will give your users the opportunity to use Criptomoedas in the day to day, and for companies the chance to attract new customers and maintain their current clientele.
WULET comes down to a platform that will provide its users with the opportunity to receive cash back for daily purchases in the form of Crypto media. This platform will enable the management and exchange of bonus points between

Blockchain platform that will allow customers to monetize all available and contracted bonus programs – to save resources and attract new customers.
WULET intends to incorporate the use of criptocorrência in People’s daily lives and create a single personal account to properly unite and manage all loyalty programs to help customers get rid of a large number of Fidelity, uniting all the programs in a single application easy to use. The features of the WULET platform are:

• Create a platform that allows your users to receive cashback in the form of Crypto media;
• Join a wide network of customers and record as many cons as possible
• Expand the range of products offered in the internal online store.

Thus, the main payment instrument on the platform will be the WU-tokens, which will be issued
At the end of the main ICO of the symbolic sale. Customers will receive reimbursement on WU tokens that can be used later in three different ways:
• Exchange tokens for Fiat currency in an external pouch;
• For purchases in WULET’s partner establishments;
• Exchange Wu tokens for bonus points for various loyalty programs in Wu’s internal exchange.

Bonus, but also vice versa, if there is a demand for these in exchange
WU’s intern. Blockchain will allow you to create, Exchange and exchange bonus points for
Fast and secure way using encryption, smart contracts instead of engaging

Other organizations and administrators.
The project has been working on developing the most convenient solutions: a platform for loyalty programs, an application, and tokens. The advantages of the WULET platform:
• Provides a transparent system of receiving cashback in WU chips;
• There are many different opportunities to use the WU tokens;
• There is a pure profit without additional effort in everyday life;
• WULET includes a wide variety of activities (off-line and online shopping, restaurant and bar participation, requests for travel), which will reward the user in WU tokens.
The WULET platform will allow:

Creation and agile administration of loyalty programs;
Use of new marketing tools due to the ability to analyze currency movements;
The popularization of the use of Crypto media;
The use of Criptocashback fast, easy and multifunctional.

WULET is an international project. and its expansion speed may vary depending on the funds raised throughout the campaign. The tokens will be The participant’s contribution will be displayed as a balance in your personal profile End of the campaign, the required number of native tokens will be issued and distributed among participants according to their accrued contributions and bonuses.
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