XPetroleum – Bring Much New Digital Technology To Supplychain Procurement Finance Part Oil Industry

Xpetroleum  We will provide an article to present the project “Xpetroleum” to potential platform participants and those interested in promoting its development. The information below may be incomplete and does not imply any contractual relationship. The main goal is to provide information to everyone so they can determine whether they want to analyze the company with the intention of obtaining a token or investing.

Hope to join this project is very great for us, and before you join, it will be better if you understand the project, moreover, it will help you better understand and improve the information, especially if you understand the vision and mission of the project and add it to yours. Trust.
The XPL token is one possible option because they have unique advantages, such as the return on the binding that investors collect to spare parts when they exist, with the price movement of the market to winnings with the qualifications of the various units Appeals as Moderator of the global news on the issue of business with finances.

The characteristic of the XPL token differs from the Only oil platform token, as the developer is working on a new systematic template with a proposal to use the currency for a public audience engaged in trade Crypto-bitcoins. And more as a use with the transfer medium as the lowest remuneration for work on demand with an option offset, as an extension of the dispute over the transfer of the remainder in order to provide as a guessing account of other investors ‘ wallet Or one as a use for posting to work with a merchant in an online store and exchanging contracts with a smart accounting book on accounting with the administrative system blockchain XPL on the subject of dedication.
Xpetroleum is the next-generation oil platform based on Ethereum’s blockchain with smart contracts. Xpetroleum  The oil industry is one of the most important markets in the world, the volume of the market is 1.7 trillion.
Xpetroleum  Blockchain offers many functions to improve the performance of the back office: Transparency, financial transactions, including performance-based contracts, tracking authentication, security, cost and time. Our goal is to create a company Xpetroleum Oil if we reach our soft border. Then we will begin to conduct various oil operations.
Why you should choose Xpetroleum
Here are the reasons you can choose Xpetroleum:

Decentralized currency
The world’s largest sector
Cost and speed
Eliminates the third party
Safe and reliable
Blocked command tokens
Selling tokens
This token-selling event allows participants to contribute to xpetroleum and receive XPL tokens. The maximum number of XPL tokens is 80 million tokens.
What is XPL?
XPL is an ERC20 token that functions as a currency on the Xpetroleum platform.

1 XPL = 0.15 USD.
Minimum purchase amount: 0.1 ETH.
The bonus is 35% during the pre-sale round.
To buy XPL tokens, you must send the desired amount of ETH to the Ethereum Smart Contract address, which is published on the “Buy tokens” page on our website.
Token details

Common character = > token type XPL = > token delivery ERC20 = > 80 000 000 token price XPL = > $0.15 Soft-Cap = > 500 000 $
Token distribution
62% allocated for the sale of tokens 15% allocated to the team and the founders 8% allocated for marketing 9% allocated to the award 6% allocated Airdrop

Website : https://www.xpetroleum.com
Whitepaper : https://xpetroleum.com/docs/WhitePaperXPetroleum_en.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5096885
Telegram : https://t.me/XPetroleum
Medium :  https://medium.com/@xpetroleum
Twitter: https://twitter.com/XPetroleum_xpl
Reddit : https://reddit.com/u/xpetroleum

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