XRT Foundation Working On Decentralized Platform

XRT Foundation is a non-profit online food platform founded by two young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, “MJ Paul” and “Anil Kumar”. Using his own cryptocurrency called XRT, he is trying to establish partnerships with large companies working in the food industry.
XRT aims to solve the vital payment problems that occur in the food industry where the coin will replace ‘ card n cash payments ‘. The primary goal is to use blockchain technology to solve many drawbacks of the payment process at other food stores, such as restaurants and cafes, using our XRT platform. With our XRT mobile app, we will use our XRT token to offer customers an instant and secure payment method solution. The card payments will finally be seamless, and customers will be more comfortable paying for a resting place or elsewhere.
Because XRT is based on the Ethereum blockchain concept, it makes it safer than third-party-based transactions. XRT coins are priced at their first offer, but we have planned their successful trends in terms of price. We want to make XRT accessible. XRT coins are based on Ethereum protocols, which allow them to start trading without additional formalities. We analyzed the market conditions and integrated successful strategies with our project to complete the predicted goal.
How it works
The XRT organization is working on a non-centralized platform. We will provide a better and safer payment solution for the hotel and restaurant industry via XRT Token. In every industry, a customer always asks for a fast, secure payment gateway. By addressing the following objectives, we create a very fast and convenient mobile application that can be used for both Android and IOS users.
If we talk about the food industry, what do you have in mind? It’s not wrong, we all know all restaurants, cafes, hotels, and motels etc. how amazing it is when we finally go to restaurants or somewhere else for a lunch or dinner! Who doesn’t want a smooth day while enjoying delicious food with their loved ones?
But sometimes when we pay for a restaurant, hotel, or elsewhere, we’re experiencing problems. For example, sometimes we are afraid to pay with a credit card or debit card because your card information has a chance to be played in a pin or similar way. In addition to expenses, there is a lack of interface between processing systems. Banks or other financial institutions We have to be addicted to third parties. Even sometimes we are faced with liquidity issues. the result, processing, and payment delays lost transactions and expensive fees. Have we thought of solving these problems?
XRT Features:
Secure Gateway:
XRT is based on the blockchain Ethereum concept, making it safer to trade through the third party.
The XRT token is priced at its first bid, but it is planned as a price for team success. The project wants to reach XRT.
XRT tokens based on the Ethereum protocol allow them to start trading without additional procedures.
Big Data statistics:
To achieve the predicted goal, we analyzed the market conditions and integrated successful strategies with our project.
Token distribution
Start-01 June 2018 (12:00 AM UTC + 5:30)
End Date-30 August 2018 (12:00 AM UTC + 5:30)
Token information
Preıco Price-1 XRT = 0.0001 ETH
Price in Ico-1 XRT = 0.000250 ETH
presale =% 50 Bonus:
Phase I = 30% Bonus
Phase II = 15% Bonus
Phase III = 5% Bonus
Tokens for sale-330 million
Investment information
Min. Investment-0.1 ETH
Distributed in Ico-66%
SoftCap-4000 ETH
HardCap-40,000 ETH

Web site: https://www.xrtfoundation.org
Whitepaper : https://www.xrtfoundation.org/public/docs/whitepaper.pdf
ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4496581
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/xrtfoundation2018
Twitter : https://twitter.com/XrtFoundation
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GEN9Dg_sdouCzz9LqV9UAg
My Profile:
My Ethereum Address:

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