XRT Foundation Which Especially Works in Food Sector

The XRT CoinAPI API allows any developer to add XRT coins as a payment option. Enterprises in the food and beverage sector began to cooperate with the XRT platform to accept XRT coins. Customers will be able to pay for their services in cafes and restaurants using XRT coins.

Understanding Opportunities
It is worth considering a fairly simple situation to understand the relevance and importance of the XRT project. Many of us often visit restaurants and other similar establishments, but existing payment systems are not perfect. Customers often do not want to count cards-there is too much likelihood of loss of personal data, fraudsters use innovative schemes to acquire data, as well as means of users. We have to constantly spend time on entering the security code, working with intermediaries-all this is too complicated and uncomfortable. The developers of the project XRT want to make cooperation between owners and clients of restaurants maximally advantageous and simple. Now for payment, you can use Kriptoaktivy-execution of the transaction will be really fast and high-quality. Intelligent contracts allow you to protect your user data from fraud attacks. XRT token owners receive a huge number of benefits, in addition to the security and speed of transactions, they will be able to count on certain discounts in restaurants, which became the first partners of the project.

XRT Security algorithm
The XRT platform engineers decided to use the Ethereum Smart contract because of the secure hashing algorithm that it uses to protect the data of users who are members of the transaction. This is the algorithm used to create the XRT tokens. It comes with a digital signature. This ensures that instant and private transactions can be performed using XRT coins. In this case, customers do not have to face multiple intermediaries, enter personal data and security codes.

XRT Double Spending Proof
The bilateral proof is a solution to a potential problem with digital currencies. Here the coin can be spent more than once. XRT coins were specifically designed to provide immunity to double costs.

Problems in the food sector
There are many problems in the food sector; This is especially important when it comes to paying for food anywhere. For example, you may be wary of paying with a credit or debit card because your credit card information has already been stolen. In addition, credit cards, affiliated payment systems, which are more secure, can be quite costly for online stores. In addition, there are problems with payment delays, high commissions and even lost transactions. There is also a liquidity problem. That is why the developers of the project XRT want to make cooperation between customers and restaurant owners more simple and convenient, using the unique possibilities of blockchain and intellectual contracts.

XRT Blockchain Food Foundation Solutions
XRT will create a coin that can be used to make payments in the food industry. It has different advantages over current methods, such as:

Safer than debit or credit cards
Reduction of commissions due to lack of intermediary organizations
You do not need to share personal data or specify security codes
Services offered by XRT
Users of XRT coins can receive or send their coins through the ERT purse, which will be offered on PCs, mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

The proof of the share is the use of the algorithm to achieve consensus. It is better than proof of work because it does not use so much energy.

After about 13 days will be Airdrop. If you are among the first 8000 people, you will get 400 tokens. To understand the peculiarities of the campaign, you can see the site of the project.

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