XYO NETWORK The First Decentralized Cryptographic-Location Network

XYO NETWORK With more than 1 million location flares-verification of existing in the world, and more added to our network every day, the network is a network of oracle XYO Proof of Location Blockchain first. Join us in the trading market decentralization depends on location, which amounted to $11 trillion (more than 3 x greater than eCommerce).

Location data is used all day, every day throughout the world.
We all are becoming increasingly dependent on the driving and vehicle location data itself, the package-delivery of unmanned aircraft, and the cities of savvy in the future will increase their dependence on it significantly.
The biggest limiting factor that confronts the world today in advancing us toward the future technology that more efficiently are in direct proportion against our ability to trust the location data.

“The need for a system that is difficult to treat to supplement the GPS has been known for many years. GPS is very accurate and reliable, but it jammed, spoofing, cyber attacks and other forms of disturbance appears to be increasing in frequency and the level of keparahannya. has the potential to destroy the effects on our lives and economic activities. ”
-President Of The Foundation, Dana Goward RNT

Location technologies currently XYO too inadequate to move us into the future.
XYO network is the answer to this problem.
XYO network make location data without trust possible through the ecosystem of technology and crypto-location protocol needed to bridge the gap of the world today, to the world of the future.

“It is the Latest Breakthrough in XYO Technology Blockchain and can be greater than Bitcoin and Ethereum Combined”
Often new technology arrives that changed the way we live. When Thomas Edison discovered the light bulb in the late 19th century, he illuminates the world. And we haven’t been living ever since.
When the Wright brothers became the first person to reach the flight at the turn of the last century, he changed the way we explore the world. When the Internet became mainstream in the 1990s, the whole world becomes connected.

And now a new technology has arrived that will once again change the way we live … and rocked the institutions such as banks and Government come to the bottom line while doing so.
If you thought the Bitcoin and Ethereum has shaken the world, you need to prepare for what will happen next.
This new breakthrough is set to be larger than both of them combined. It will change the lives of millions of people in every corner of the world and enter the market untouched, each worth more than $11 trillion per year.
To understand how, let’s first get some perspective

In the year 2013, there is another breakthrough …
The new blockchain platform called “Ethereal” developed. This introduces the Turing-complete programming language into blockchain and open a world of new possibilities.
To understand how it works, think of the Bitcoin as Calculator application on your phone, and the Ethereum as the operating system of your phone that lets you have a lot of applications with many features. One of the main features that are built into the functionality of the Ethereum called “contract”-transaction protocols that essentially shut down payments and the implementation of the agreement to the same thing.

Rather than a contract written on a sheet of paper and signed with black ink, Ethereal world lets them written in computer code and executed when certain conditions are met. For example, imagine if you want to place a bet for $20 then certain sports team will win the game. You could write a contract, and when the game is finished, he will be checking his score and automatically send Eher $20 worth of losers into winners.

Since the contract smart client node running on a decentralized Ethereal, you no longer have to rely on a third party, such as a sports book service, to facilitate this transaction type. As a result, intermediaries, and their costs, eliminated.
The best part is that this is just the beginning.

Etereum developer can also create its own applications that do not rely on third-party authority. This is why they are called application of decentralized or “DApPS”.
They run a blockchain built a special, global infrastructure along with a very strong value that can move around and represent ownership of the property. All without the risk of downtime, censorship, cheating or interference by third parties.

However, the Ethereum has one major weakness. Smart contracts because they require third party verification to a centralized, it makes them vulnerable to hackers.
Take the example of sports betting. In the world of the Ethereum, sources where smart contracts got the score of the game (i.e. the sports site that lists game score) is called “prophecy”. A hacker or even employee insiders could infiltrate into the oracle (such as ESPN.com), where the contract checking scores, and change the score in their favor. Not much to worry about when the stakes are $20. However, this becomes a critical point of failure when you consider some of the transactions as high as $200,000 or more.

To get around this, some of the “prophecy” was used to build the so-called “consensus”; This means that smart contracts should be examined with some prophecy and they must all agree to the score of the game, for example. Thus, his contract is only executed when there is consensus and all third parties showing the score the same.

Since the emergence of the Etereum, there has been growth and the creation of a rapid DApps and related technologies with kriptocurrency.

They have revolutionized how people transacting online-market which is worth $11 trillion per year.
Even at this early stage, technology blockchain has a huge impact on the world. However, after seeing how they change the world online, the next natural question is.

What if blockchain technology can be bridged with the real world?
Bitcoin technology and blockchain limited to the internet. Every new blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, or “token”, which is an economic tool used to align economy underlying platform, focusing on the online application, and not offline.

When in the offline world, the world market is still the largest. It’s worth more than $400 trillion per year. Since 2012, we have developed a technology based site aimed at connecting the digital world to the real world.

During the last few years, XY has developed technology that is important to bring the blockchain into the offline world, to create a programmable and can be accessed by the contract.
To make this possible, we need to address two very difficult tasks: first, we’ve created a location-based consumer products business-focused to get Bluetooth and GPS tracking beacon to the rest of the world. And second, we have developed a research breakthrough in technology blockchain that focus on location so that it is no longer limited to the online world.

After years of research and innovation, we have completed two.
XY has been a leader in technology findable with Bluetooth and GPS tracking device that lets consumers every day to track real-world stuff in real-time, directly from their smart phones.

Because of the progress we’ve made, we can track objects, ranging from jewelry to car, right down to their exact location in real time.
This is because everything in the world is defined by coordinates XYZT them; These things can not leave that space.
As a person or object traveling along the coordinates of T (time), they interact with one another, creating what is called metadata. A simple example of this is two or more people in a meeting or conversation. The conversation is recording interactions. In the case of Network XYO, we take this interaction as the time signature between the two party-two people who take selfie, make two copies of selfie, signed both of them, and each one takes it. The resulting metadata is now also a permanent relationship between the two entities; This is the underlying core protocol platform XYO Network and are discussed in detail later.
But first, what all this means, because the meeting of top Innovation Network XYO location combined with the development of blockchain, we are able to introduce one of the most interesting idea in blockchain today …

The first decentralized Cryptography network that was built for the world of the future
The network enables intelligent XYO contract to access the real world by using device ecosystem XYO to determine if an object is at coordinates XY. If Yes, can someone arrange applications that perform transactions on smart contract.
This has opened up a world of new possibilities. The application of such technology is not limited.
Take the example of eCommerce Companies. With a network of XYO, they are now able to offer payment services-after-premium customers shipping them. To be able to offer this service, the company will utilize a network of eCommerce XYO (which uses XYO Tokens) to write the contract.
XYO network can then track the location of a package sent to consumers throughout every stage of fulfillment; from the shelves of the warehouse to the shipping courier, to the consumer’s home and any location in between. This can allow for e-commerce and retailers web site to verify, in ways that are not believe, that the package not only showed up on the doorstep of customers, but also safe in their homes.
After the package arrived at the home of a customer (specified and verified by XY-Coordinate-specific), the delivery is considered completed and payments to vendors will be released. ECommerce integration of Network capability allows XYO protects merchants from fraud and ensure the consumer only pays the stuff up in their homes.
This means the e-commerce stores such as Amazon.com can use network XYO to allow customers to pay only when the products arrive at their home.
This is just scratching the surface.

Seat belts.
XYO has the infrastructure to build the first decentralized location verification system in the world: starting with more than 1 million device Bluetooth GPS & used by people around the world. This, in conjunction with the crypto information technology breakthrough allows us to bring the blockchain to the real world. XYO network ready to do this on a large scale and global.
With that, we are happy to announce that we will be open for purchasing XYO Tokens in the coming weeks. Our Token XYO Generation event is the only time XYO Tokens will be produced and sold directly from the US to the rest of the world.

After the event the Token Generation XYO ends (in a matter of weeks after it began, and may be faster depending on the activity of the transaction), each Token XYO that unsold will be burned forever, creating incentives and a chance for true those who participated during the next token sales. (by March 2018).
After that, the only time XYO Tokens will be available is through the exchanges, which are not necessary or warranted giving significant value in using XYO Token.

Like the people who hold the other crypto will tell you, the most important is to join a cause that you believe crypto, and go early! We ensure that the people who believed in us early on and join us in bringing blockchain to the world appreciated as it should be, with discounts and other opportunities.

With our personal Token sales took off before we’re ready to (literally), we have decided to launch a waiting list in the white list. They were the first to sign up will be notified about sales openings XYO Token with lowest price first.

Please act quickly to ensure you don’t miss out on what could be the biggest breakthrough in the history of blockchain: bringing blockchain to the real world.
We hope the un can work

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