Yappadappadoo – Blockchain linked App Store, Bringing Progressive Web Applications (PWAs)

Yappadappadoo is a block-based application store. In a way, it is a competitor for Google Market and the Apple App Store. An application that introduces the so-called progressive Web Applications (PWA) and user experience to similar levels with mobile applications.

So, in a way, it is an app store that can run on all mobile phones, computers, and tablets. There will be paid and free apps in this store, like others, but more in a store where you don’t care what operating system is important. The Yappadappadoo team is struggling to become available in this market, and it is expected that by 2020 it will reach approximately 180 billion dollars. But of course, there are some differences from other competitors.

what are the features of Yappadappadoo?
As for the features of the Yappadappadoo platform, they call themselves “App Revolution”, a revolution in the application. They did it without downloading, without downloading and without updates.

You don’t need to download apps for use in the Yappadappadoo store. You can use the program directly from the Yappadappadoo store. If you do not download it, you will be saved directly from the hustle, for example, when downloading. Finally, when applications want to be updated, the program developer updates Application and places it in the vault. When you enter each store, you use the latest update on your mobile phone.

If we look at the features that Yappadappadoo already shows, we can easily say that this is the first in the field. Because it is a project that brings Web applications to a mobile phone, and this project is also a block project, so it faces obstacles. This hurdle comes from Google and Apple, who are concerned that their platforms will suffer, and who do not want to share the pie in the middle. Therefore, they do not use their use in their systems for their users. That’s why they forbid them in some way.

As a result, we can say that Yappadappadoo is a truly revolutionary project. Now you can download various applications for cloud computing, streaming music, sharing video and data on your mobile phone and finishing Yappadappadoo, which makes your phone shrink or choke between hundreds of apps.

Because when we look in general, we can say that Yappadappadoo opens the door of opportunity, which is not a bubble. This applies not only to users but also to developers. Because application developers have a separate software language for IOs apps, and for Android, they need to learn a different language and use them on different operating systems. In other words, a developer who tries to run two applications in two places must use two separate computers and two separate programs. Of course, we are user-oriented. Because in this store you don’t have to fight with Spotify or Netflix apps. I was personally impressed with the project. But, as we always say, success depends on time and work.

Yappadappadoo ICO.
Since Yappadappadoo is a blockchain project, he plans to implement trade events in the store through his own token Flints, namely the FLI token. Users will execute their transactions through this token. Developers will also be able to use it to pay for this token, to achieve certain features on the platform and for marketing. In this view, unfair pay systems, such as other stores, are history.

On the other hand, the ICO Yappadappadoo has a total of 500 million markers FLI. 25% of them are available for sale, and 25% are used to develop open sources, Web pages or tools that can be used to develop applications such as Bootstrap. 18% in operations and 5% behind.

Website: https://yappadappadoo.com
Ico Site : https://yappadappadoo.io/index.html
Whitepaper : https://yappadappadoo.com/whitepaper_en.pdf
ANN  : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4236389.0
Telegram: https://t.me/yappadappadoochat
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yappadappadoo.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yappadappadoo

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