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Yappadappadoo  Today, the relationship between Google and Apple is very tense. In the media, we can constantly see information about lawsuits and lawsuits against each other. Between them there is a real technological war, a war for the consumer, and specifically for billions of people in this market. Each company adheres to its strategy of conducting this war. Android currently occupies about 89% of the market, compared to 11% of Apple. Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry OS and other operating systems occupy less than 1%.
If you look at the situation directly, Apple is actually competing with Samsung, not with Google. Google’s main revenue comes from advertising where Apple does not work at all. The reason is that they are large companies, they compete in some areas such as iTunes and Play market. But in other areas they do not.
Apple and Google are giant companies that control the market for products, especially technological products. But besides that, there are the latest technologies, which they still have not accepted completely, namely blockchain. This technology can be taken by small companies that want to succeed in this market and to bite off a piece of this cake. For them, the introduction of this technology is a chance to attract investors and the general attention to themselves.
Now there is a project called Yappadappadoo, I believe it will be the first in the development of this direction. Yappadappadoo is a market of programs and games, based on the blockchain. As a result of combining two modern technologies of the future, blockchain, and Pwas, the project will dominate such monopolies as Apple and Google, taking a large share of this promising market.
The Yappadappadoo project has a specific purpose, it is to promote the wide implementation of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The company is sure that this technology solves many problems of mankind in the sphere of modern technologies. The cost of the company’s products is very low, it is a very strong argument for all customers. Also, every user will be able to pay for the product of any cryptocurrency. Yappadappadoo does not have the process of downloading, installing, or updating applications.
Yappadappadoo is the first and to date and the only market for programs and games for progressive Web applications. According to experts, the revenues from the world’s applications will grow to 170 billion. USD by 2019. Such monopolists as Apple App Store and Google Play Store are afraid of Internet users killing their business, so they do not offer this revolutionary application-and will continue to do it as long as possible. This independent cryptocurrency will be available Everyone, making it particularly interesting in growing markets where traditional, settled payment methods are often harder to reach. In the interest of both users and application developers, the Blockchain payment system eliminates unfair high commissions for micropayments.

Also thanks to the blockchain, the system of ratings and incentives will be simple, understandable and protected from manipulation. Real and transparent application ratings create trust in the system. Application successes will be really measurable for developers and application owners. Last but not least, applications and purchases in applications will be transferred between users, protecting against device failures, theft or loss.

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