YuTü.Co.in A Crypto Ecosystem for YouTubers and Their Fans

YuTü.Co.in  provides a platform for YouTubers to earn more money, communicate better with their fans and have their valuable tokens traded on our stock exchanges. With YuTü.Co.in, YouTube producers can get incentives in a decentralized way that could not be achieved before. This approach is a breakthrough and has never been seen before, a new dawn in the exchange of video and monetization. YouTubers can create their own cryptographic markers, develop their own fan base and increase YouTube revenue on the entire YuTu.Co.in platform and exchange tokens.

Honesty, accountability, honesty, and fairness are the basic principles on which YuTü.Co.in is based.
Our goal is to return the money to YouTubers that have been lost due to recent changes in monetization policies in the YouTube affiliate program that spawned Apocalypse, which was achieved in the form of KRIPTOVALNYH goods owned by your own The YouTubers tied to their channels. Kriptorezist, named Yaltcoin, may have an individual ticker symbol, tuned to the YouTube channel’s reflex brand, its shares (Yaltz), which can be sold for tokens Ethereum, Yutücoin (YTC), have a real Value.

Our internal platforms and exchanges will be used not only for YouTubers to communicate with their fan base but also to allow fans to “invest” on their favorite YouTube channels, directly supporting them, not revealing their contributions with Third party companies. YuTü.Co.in offers free registration for all, does not charge a membership fee and is open to all channel managers who meet our minimum registration requirements.

In addition, YuTü.Co.in provides YouTuber its own customizable pages on our website that they can use to sell products, publish videos that are not hosted on YouTube, and promote their channel brands. By applying decentralization based on the chains to the video monetization process, we help create content creators who want to earn extra income for the work they are already doing.

At the same time, we offer potential investment opportunities for fans of the YouTube channel and Kriptofanov, because the nature of the open market of our hosted exchanges allows Yaltz YouTubers to reach a month.

ICO Details
Yutücoin (YTC) is a token that corresponds to the ERC20 and original coin platform that will be used for most of the services offered at Yutü.Co.in. Using an exchange in our home, anyone can use YTC to buy a regular coin, known as Yaltz, which is a coin representing the brand of the YouTuber channel. Some of the Yaltz received will automatically be included in the YouTuber account. Once the platform is active, YTC can also be used to purchase PAQ or virtual miners (described below). As a marker Ethereum, YTC will be able to exchange with several external exchanges and DEX when the Exchange partnership is formed, the first of which will be excoincial.

Token name: Yutücoin
Token character: YTC
Advanced ICO: 100m YTC-$0.05/YTC
Stage I (2 weeks): 20M YTC-$0.10/YTC
Stage II (1 week): 30M YTC-$0.15/YTC
Stage III (1 week): 50 m. YTC-$0.20/YTC
PAQ Price: $25.00/PAQ
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH
Start ICO: Saturday, September 15, 2018.
ICO Ends: Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Payment structure:
 1000-2499 subscribers — $750 USD in YTC and $50 USD in BTC or ETH for the first video, $200 USD in YTC and $50 USD in BTC for each of the last four videos.
 2500-4999 subscribers — $1.000 USD in YTC and $100 USD in BTC or ETH for the first video, $250 USD in YTC and $100 USD in BTC for each of the last four videos.
 5000-7499 subscribers — $1.500 USD in YTC and $100 USD in BTC or ETH for the first video, $500 USD in YTC and $100 USD in BTC for each of the last four videos.
 7500-9999 subscribers — $2.000 USD in YTC and $200 USD in BTC or ETH for the first video, $750 USD in YTC and $200 USD in BTC for each of the last four videos.
 10k + subscribers – Contact the YouTuber Channel manager for discussion.
Payments of YTC markers are made after checking the video. Please note that BTC or ETH payments will only be performed at the end of the ICO and depend on the YuTü.Co.in and the goal of financing the soft cap during the ICO course. If the YuTü.Co.in does not reach its soft cover, YuTü.Co.in reserves the right to reduce the payment of BTC/ETH to some reasonable amount.

Advantages for channel owners:
YuTü.Co.in Independent tokens for each channel owner: Your YouTube channel is cryptographically characterized and sold like shares of your fan base, invested supporters and platform users.
Integration with video sharing: You do not need to download directly to the platform, you can share the content that is connected to your client base.
You have your content. Upload your content to YouTube and elsewhere as we offer our resources for you pro-bono. We help you earn more money and improve your brand while you concentrate on creating stunning videos.
Zero Fees: YouTubers registered as Lynchpin are zero when using one of the functions of the YuTuo.Co.in platform.

Advantages for investors:
Access exclusive content from your favorite YouTubers.
User-friendly-no previous experience is required.
Get crypto-merchandise stocks that represent your support for YouTubers.
Shares can be bought or sold on our stock exchanges. Participating YouTubers will be more inclined to promote their channel brands to meet the shareholder’s wishes. This, in turn, will increase the price of tokens that they themselves have and which are still collected automatically.
Shopping on the Go-platform will soon be available for mobile devices.
Voting rights. As a shareholder, fans will have the right to vote on each initiative presented by the respective YouTubers.

Road Map
2018/Quarter II
Recruitment, the creation of the company, concept and white Book development.
2018/quarter-III [first round]
Initial marketing and announcement of the project, the ICO period, development of a tool for the press.
2018/quarter-III [2nd round]
Blockchain, Platform Exchange & Development, promotional activities with the YouTube community.
The platform, starting the beta block Blockchain, start registering YTC on the stock exchange.
2019/Quarter I
Resolution of regulatory and compliance issues, the launch of official platforms (including YTC-Sox and Yaltcoin blockchains).
2019/Quarter II
Expand the trading pair on the YTC-Sox, go to the UI/UX platform.
2019/Quarter III
Financial audit and Code, development of the ecosystem, integration of third-party purses, release of cellular applications.

Web site: https://www.yutubopolis.com
Whitepaper : https://www.yutubopolis.com/white-paper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YuTuCoin
Twitter : https://twitter.com/YuTuCoin
Telegram: https://t.me/YTCcommunity

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