YuTü.Co.in: Empowering and Re-monetizing YouTube Content Creators Through Crypto-commoditization

YuTü.Co.in  – The YouTube media allows users to upload, view, rating, share, add to Favorites, reporting, commenting on the videos and subscribe to other users. This video offers a variety of user-generated media and companies. Available content includes video clips, clips of TV shows, music videos, short films, and documentaries. audio recordings, film footage, live streaming and other content such as blogs, video and original educational video.

Most of the content on YouTube uploaded by individuals but media companies including CBS, BBC, Vevo, and Hulu offer some of their material via YouTube as part of the YouTube partnership program. Users who are not registered can only watch videos on the site, while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos in and add comments to videos. Videos that are considered potentially inappropriate are only available to registered users who assert themselves at least 18 years of age.
The first YouTube ad partnership began in May 2007 with AdSense. Under the terms of the arrangement, YouTube normally requires 45% of revenue generated from the ads shown in the video with 55% more entry to the uploader or the manufacturer of the video content. Currently, there are more than one million members in the YouTube Partner Program has chosen to their video which is the process of registering with Google and abide by its provisions for sharing ad revenue.
YuTü.Co.in is providing a platform for YouTuber to generate more money, better connected with their fans and have their precious token listed on our exchanges. With YuTü.Co.in, a producer of a YouTube can be given incentives in a way that previous decentralized cannot be earned. This approach is a breakthrough and has never been seen before, some new light in video sharing and monetization. YouTuber can create their own crypto token, grow their fan base and add Income to their YouTube, all through the platform YuTu.Co.in
Our goal is to return the money to the YouTuber who lost because the monetization policy changes recently in the YouTube Partner Program giving rise to the Apocalypse achieved in the form of crypto-commodities belonging to its own pegged YouTuber to brand their channels. Commodity crypto called yAltcoin, can have the ticker symbol individually tailored to the reflex brand YouTube channel, its shares (yaltz) can be traded for token Ethereum, YuTüCoin or YTC has real-world value.
Our internal Exchange platform and will be used to not only let the YouTuber communicate with their fan base but also allows fans to invest in their favorite YouTube channel, directly support them without having to divide their contributions with 3rd party companies. YuTü.Co.in offers free registration for anyone, never charge a fee for membership and is open to all channel managers who meet our minimum requirements for registration.
In addition, YuTü.Co.in provides a YouTuber with their own page which can be fully customized in our site that they can use to sell merchandise post videos that are not hosted by YouTube and promoting brands their channels. By presenting blockchain-based decentralization process video monetization, we help empower back content creators who want to earn some extra income for the work they already do.
At the same time, we are offering potential investment opportunities for fans of YouTube channels and fans of the crypto open market due to the nature of our Exchange Hosted YouTuber yaltz value allows reaching the moon. In a nutshell, YuTu.Co.in aims to strengthen the ability of many YouTuber who is no longer subject to the YouTube monetization program and giving fans the opportunity to invest in the brand channel.
Ecosystem YuTu.Co.in
YouTuber: manufacture, sale, and management of Tokens, incentives.
Investors: Stock Exchange platforms, decentralized, premium content.
Platform: Exchange and token decentralized managed by smart contracts.
Benefits for the owner of the channel:
-Independent Token for every owner of a Channel: YouTube channel You are characterized-crypto and sold as stock to Your fan base, supporters who invested and user platform.
-Integration with the Video-Sharing Site: you don’t have to upload directly to the platform, you can share content that is linked to your customer base.
-You have your content: Upload your content on YouTube and other places when we offer our resources to you pro-bono. We help you make more money and increase your brand while you concentrate to make a great video.
-Zero fees: YouTubers are listed as zero fees Lynspinz when using one of the features of the platform YuTuo.Co.in.
Benefits to investors:
-Access to exclusive content from your favorite YouTuber.
-User-friendly previous experience is not required.
-Receive crypto shares representing support you to YouTuber.
Shares can be bought or sold on the Exchange. The YouTuber who participate will be more likely to promote their brand channels to meet the wishes of shareholders. At the moment, will, in turn, increase the price of their own tokens that have and continue to be collected automatically.
-Shopping at go-platform features will soon be available for mobile devices.
-Voting rights, as a shareholder, fans will have voting rights on any initiatives proposed by YouTuber.
 Administrator’s YouTube channel has the opportunity to create their own encryption and token YouTube channel. of these coins can be traded in the token Ethereum YuTuCoin (YTC) which can be traded in a number of exchanges external where ETH, BTC and the other partner is available on our internal exchanges, I will.
In addition to providing a new funding source with YouTuber, we also offer the opportunity to get the support of the fans by buying coins YouTuber Favorites and mine coins directly. Therefore, everyone can invest in coins representing the brand’s YouTube channel and traded on the stock market. In addition to the above, we can offer all managers participating channels a unique page on our platform, sell products, communicate with fans and hosts any content that I can do.
Token Info
The Name Token: YuTüCoin
The Symbol Token: YTC
Pre-ICO: 100 Jt YTC YTC-$0.05/
Phase I (2 weeks): 20-$0.10/Jt YTC YTC
Phase II (1 week): 30-$0.15/Jt YTC YTC
Phase III (1 week): 50 Jt-$0.20/YTC YTC
Purchase price: $25.00/PAQ PAQ
Minimum purchase: 0.1 ETH
ICO Start: Saturday, September 15, 2018.
ICO ends Saturday, October 13, 2018.
All tokens that are not sold after ICO finish burned, sending it to the address of an unknown key Ethereum her privacy. YTC tokens will be distributed to the buyer within one week after the closure of the ICO, except the address of the Ethereum token deposit is not given, in which case the tokens will be distributed to member account under the name of the desired Screen is provided, together with all the previously purchased PAQ for the launch of the platform.
YuTü.Co.in  To participate in our Affiliate Program, YouTuber will need to create their own letters 8 code example: YUTU COIN would they give for referring participants to enter into ICO form contributions ICO along with their purchase information. With this code, the participants can get a 20% discount when buying the PAQ and receive one additional free per 10 PAQ PAQ is purchased. For every 100 total PAQ purchased by participants using the affiliate code YouTuber, YouTuber will receive 10 free PAQ belong to their own. This program will run exceed the duration of the ICO.
Web site: https://www.yutubopolis.com
Whitepaper : https://www.yutubopolis.com/white-paper.pdf
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YuTuCoin
Twitter : https://twitter.com/YuTuCoin
Telegram: https://t.me/YTCcommunity
My Profile:
My Ethereum Address:

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