Zecash Lightning Network System to Process Instant Payments and Rapid Issuance.

Zecash Breakthrough digital solution related transactions Cryptocurrency. Use the new ownership to create next-gen ZeCash Ze of the Coin. New Protocol to secure Proof of concept, Staking new Stake, features new anonymity network processing, lightning, and other in the WHITEPAPER. For e-commerce, payment, online business, a retail store  ZeCash will speed up transactions with clients and suppliers on a decentralized environmentally safe.
Reserve now your Token to be part of the revolution Ze with NextGen ZeCash.

The free financial potential with Zecash

Order now ZeCash your Token, you will be eligible to ZeCash Coin when it will be released. The token to be issued from highly secure smart contracts. Take a look at how we pushed the limits with ZeCash, see our white paper.

ZeCash will use the Proof of Stake protocol to process the transaction. This resulted in remuneration of each holder ZeCash with “Staking ” means having their coins in Purse for “Mint”. The more ZeCash you hold, the more you earn, up to 5% each month.

We strongly believe in competing with the majors like coins Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin or Dash. ZeCash will be listed in the various exchanges and since powerful core project, we expect the same volume and volatility.

Stand Zecash
This is the process the incentive to give awards to people who lock their Zecash coins into their wallets to validate transactions. Our users are engaged in purchasing coins and would remain in the wallet for a certain period. Similarly, keep the money in fixed deposits for a fixed period of time. Here, the owner of the new block is selected based on one’s bets. The stakes here translated as far as the wealth or the number of users Zecash coin holders have theirs.

The more time the holder of the Zecash we will Mint coin/save them, then the higher is the prize. This will be given for 3 months you will get 15%, for 6 months you will get 30% for 12 months and it will be full of 60%.

Count On Profits
No need to spend a lot of money to buy land for a large mine. The initial investment required for it is just a simple computer connected to the internet and a wallet with Zecash Coin. The balance in the wallet is growing; You just need to wait a bit. At the same time, the value of Zecash coins will increase. There is a deposit which is involved because the value of Zecash Coin will increase due to his success at the same time with the number of coins that you hold on to your wallet.

That’s how Zecash Minting was possible. The number of coins that you can print exactly the same with the number of coins you have in your wallet. This is very similar to holding a bank account in personal computers.

How does it work?
The Lightning Network relies on the technology under the chain block. By using real transaction Bitcoin/chain block and using the scripting language of the original smart contracts, it is possible to create a network of participants can Transact securely on high volume and high speed.

Zecash will offer instant payments from Lightning Network payment system Block the payment chain with lightning speed without worrying about the time of the confirmation of the block.
Security is enforced by contract-smart block chains without making one payment for a single transaction block individually. The speed of payments is measured in milliseconds

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