Zero Carbon Project  Have you wondered how we are affected by global warming caused by the active combustion of fossil fuels? It seemed that in the last half-century the temperature rose only half a degree… But we have experienced the consequences of such a minor change. The abnormal heat, alternating with torrential rains causing flooding, prolonged snowfalls in the spring and summer frosts, devastating hurricanes, tornadoes appearing in different parts of the planet-all this became our reality.

The climate will continue to change, anomalies in different regions annually destroy from 10 to 30% of the crop. Due to unpredictable weather, the economy loses millions and even billions of dollars, so much is spent on prevention and elimination of consequences. A vivid example-last year’s duet of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey provoked losses in total for 300 billion dollars! And the May storm in 2017 in Moscow, strongest for 130 years, though it did not reach the hurricane, Zero Carbon Project  still claimed the lives of 18 people, caused damage to infrastructure, homes, vehicles for 25 million rubles. And this is not counting the economic losses due to the temporary interruption of electricity supply, stopping the transport. What’s next?

Unfortunately, efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, warming up the atmosphere of the planet, are ineffective. Energy from renewable sources remains too expensive, compared to fossil fuels, and therefore unclaimed. In addition, the process inhibits bureaucracy and the difficulty of entering the energy market of new participants.

A group of professionals in the field of energy and climatology made models of further climate change and realized that possible scenarios do not bode well for humanity. So there was a unique project Zero Carbon project (zero Carbon Energy project) created to stimulate and accelerate the transition of energy market from fossil fuel energy to renewable sources.
Zero Carbon Project uses such mechanisms:

 Creation of a transparent and more accessible market for electricity produced by renewable sources. The idea is to allow users to choose their own supplier, to exclude intermediaries from the process, reducing cost costs;
 In an open and transparent renewable energy market, small “farms” will be able to promote their “goods” and compete with large energy-generating corporations on an equal footing. As a result, increased liquidity, generating capacity will be loaded to the maximum, which provides a faster payback of equipment, and later-price reduction;
 The open market of “carbon credits” (quotas for emission of greenhouse gases). Fossil fuel producers receive more affordable carbon credits. Renewable energy suppliers receive the necessary investments in the modernization and expansion of energy-generating equipment. Zero Carbon Project  The result for the consumer the cost of energy (from traditional and alternative sources) will be lower.
 Simplify infrastructure investments. The idea is to eliminate bureaucracy and allow everyone to join the development of new technologies in the field of energy. Now it is possible to invest, and subsequently to receive dividends for participation in a community with “zero carbon” even with small incomes.

It is important to note that even if you have entered into a smart contract with a green power plant, the electricity you have consumed can be generated by fossil fuels. Sources will be localized to more efficiently allocate resources and load infrastructure. Subsequently, the harmful emissions will be compensated to the supplier of “green” kilowatts with the help of international loans. The system automatically redistributes carbon credits and rewards between enterprises.

ICO, tokens
Zero Carbon Project  A total of 240 million Energy tokens will be released. Of these, 30% (72 million) will be allotted to reward energy consumers with zero carbon. 51% (121.33 million) is available to purchase the sale. The creators plan to attract $20 million.

The first phase of the plan is to launch the Zero Carbon Project in the UK and Australia. The second stage-mastering energy market of the USA, Europe. However, investments can be made by individuals and legal entities from other countries.
Zero Carbon Project is not just a promising project that is able to change our lives for the better. This is the hope of saving the planet, which should be given attention.

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