Zodiac – Blockchain Platform For The Implementation of Settlement Bank

Zodiaq The world is changing rapidly and our knowledge of it is changing. In the era of great geographical discoveries, the major Powers sought the first to land on distant shores: built ships and sent expeditions where they could find new benefits from the trade of rare goods. The waves of Caribbean were new to the researchers and none of them could imagine how much the world of their discovery would turn upside down.
The present world floats on other waves and everyone aspires to find the own which will bring success. One of these waves, sweeping the modern world is the technology blockchain. Being the first in this wave, the first to provide a service or a product based on it, means to plan to become successful.
As, for example, is planning the world’s first licensed crypto Bank Zodiaq.
Zodiaq is a financial blockchain corporation that aims to erase the boundaries between the world of cryptocurrency and traditional fiat currencies, creating an independent ecosystem that provides one window access to such large Infrastructure elements such as crypto-Fiatnyj Bank, trust fund, Crypto exchange, payment system, etc.
According to the license from the warm Comorian islands, the bank can provide all the basic services of traditional banking-crediting, the opening of accounts, acceptance of deposits-both in cryptocurrency and in traditional fiat currencies.
The Zodiaq infrastructure includes:
 A diversified fund providing profitability and liquidity for all operations;
 Own crypto exchange, integrated with other exchanges, with the built-in environment of trading robots development;
 Plastic cards with binding to kriptovaljutnym purses and fiat accounts:
 Cold storage purse, equipped with NFC, Wi-Fi and GSM modules, which works as POS-terminal;
 Platform for crowdfunding and implementation of ICO with smart contract designer;
 Mobile translations of Crypto and fiat currencies via messages in Messenger Telegram;
 Cross-border money transfer platform for individuals and legal entities;
 Service P2P transactions with crypto/fiat currencies and tokens, with escrow guarantor system on the smart contract,
 Etc.
At the moment the banking platform is in the process of debugging and launching, the basic functions are already working. You can pass registration, verification by phone number or email in test mode. You will open accounts in USD, EUR, BTC by default.
In the near future, the replenishment and withdrawal of funds from the account by bank cards, money transfers and in cash through the banks of partners in 37 countries of the world will work. A resident of any country will be able to receive the bank’s express delivery card.
In Russia, CRYPTO BANK LIMITED will be presented as internet banking, which will perform operations for ZODIAQ clients. For citizens of the Russian Federation, it will serve only natural persons.

The main token issued in the ICO process for the purpose of raising funds for further development and scaling of the Zodiaq ecosystem is the external token ZOD, which is a smart contract based on the protocol Ethereum the ERC20 standard. This token grants its holder the right to receive a dividend of 25% of the Commission income of the Zodiaq ecosystem, which is distributed between the holders of ZOD tokens in proportion to the size of their share. Payments are accrued in the form of the internal currency Ozod to the personal account of the person opened in the Zodiaq system.
Charging of commissions will start from the moment of launch of the first infrastructural element-crypto-Fiatnogo bank. All transactions within the system will be fixed on the blockchain, which ensures transparency and openness of financial transactions.
Thus, acquiring tokens ZOD you become a full member of the ecosystem Zodiaq-its resident. This status grants the additional right to participate in the collective vote, in particular, residents have the right to vote on the introduction of a new service or service.
In addition to the external token, the Zodiaq ecosystem will create the internal currency Oxygenzod (Ozod). Its main advantage is the possibility of conducting internal operations without Commission, as well as the possibility of exchanging ozod on any other currency on the Zodiaq exchange. Ozod tokens are burned if they are used to pay fees for entering and withdrawing funds from the Zodiaq system. It is important to note that through a smart contract, the Ozod internal currency is directly related to the profitability of the ecosystem and is therefore secured by real assets.
ZOD tokens are legally classified as securities-they give their owners the right to certain benefits, as well as the right to participate in the general vote. The project plans to start the registration process in the United States Securities Commission (SEC) after the ICO has been collected and the minimum amount required.
The main volume of funds of the second round of ICO will be aimed at forming one of the main components of the corporation – Zodiaq Economic Stability Fund (ZEST).

The main objective of the Fund is to ensure profitability for token holders. This includes various trading strategies and investments in prospective ICO

Zodiaq is a project with an already finished product. The infrastructure for work with Cryptocurrencies is built around the real bank. Zodiaq is the first bank in the world of the future, in which cryptocurrency will be equal to the banknotes in the wallet.

Website: https://zodiaq.io
White Paper: https://zodiaq.io/file/ZODIAQ_WP.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3411516.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZodiaqCorp
Medium: https://medium.com/zodiaq
Telegram: https://t.me/zodiaq_group
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