ZPER Creating a Transparent and Sound Investment Environment Base on Smart Contract

ZPER – The extremely low availability of traditional bank lending for small businesses due to high-interest rates, stringent requirements for collateral and reporting on business has led to the need for an alternative. Such an alternative is P2P lending.
The driving force behind the rapid growth of the P2P lending market is the technology that helps directly connect investors and borrowers. This reduces all the flow costs that are associated with the mediation side of the issue for the borrower, and allows investors to expect a much higher profit, previously impossible with the low-interest rates of the bank. P2P funding has ushered in a new era of the financial system that unites and associates even the most alienated financial agents.
Well understanding the essence of the problem, the company Zper creates an open ecosystem on the basis of the blockchain, which can become a part of any subdivision of small, medium-sized businesses or just individual citizens.
Zper is a peer, decentralized, financial P2P ecosystem based on blockchain technology.
The Korean project Zper, aims to provide innovative capital movements between investors and borrowers around the world, with the help of active collaboration of leading companies, which are successfully managed by the enterprises P2P Finance and Robo-advisor. Investors, borrowers, P2P financiers, robo advisor, buyers of overdue loans, data providers from all over the world can participate in the Zper ecosystem. Each participant contributes to making P2P funding more sensible and user-friendly by exchanging different values, such as combining investment and borrowing, making a diversified investment portfolio, Provision and exchange of data, risk analysis and bond management, as well as uninterrupted, unlimited flow of capital to finance.
The Zper board conducts a rigorous evaluation of P2P creditors, and manages and controls the Zper ecosystem to maintain a healthy ecosystem. The Board consists of experts from P2P lending organizations, Robo-Advisor companies, and pledge holders to purchase overdue loans.
The Board can monitor the qualifications and status of all participants in real time and limit their activities in the event of any violation. Thus, the risks associated with P2P lending companies and related service companies can be minimized.
Since the rules and characteristics associated with these companies in each sector may vary by country, the Zper Council consists of two to five companies from each country and sector.
Robo-Advisor Companies analyze the investment products that exist in the Zper ecosystem using their own algorithms and create portfolios in such a way as to allow investors to diversify their risks effectively
Zper is the creation of a transparent and reasonable investment environment based on a Smart contract. Zper will use a smart contract to prevent any disputes from occurring. The contract defines in advance the roles, obligations and rights of each participant, and the investment contract will enter into force after its completion. It would also allow for the transfer of funds for investment and reimbursement, and the obligations and rights of the parties to the contract should be automatically changed depending on the performance of the contract.
In the Zper ecosystem, all credits will be converted into PLBT tokens (P2P Loan based token). The investment products of each financial P2P company will be delivered to investors in the token fund, which will be linked to the receivables. Investors can freely dispose of PLBT, which will be sold at a price agreed upon by both parties. In addition, not only the content of receivables but all trade information and change of rights will be recorded in PLBT.
In order to implement the plan, the Zper team plans to conduct during which the sale of ZPR standard ERC20 tokens will be released and implemented, which guarantees its integration with purses and crypto-currency exchanges. The ZPR token will be used in the Zper ecosystem as a method of exchanging values among participants. ZPR will be used in almost all transactions: investment in P2P loans, trade costs for receivables, compensation to data providers and buyer’s commission fees.
ZPR will be used as a fixed asset for all types of economic activities that take place on the Zper platform between participants or participants and the platform.
Information about the upcoming 
Official start of ICO zper: Early Bird (10% bonus) April 16, 2018 and will last 3 days. April 19, 2018 05:00 UTC start of the main stage of Kraudsejla (no bonus)
Number of tokens for TOKENSEJLA: 1.1 billion ZPR
Hardcap: 48000 ETH
Softcap: 5000 ETH
Currency accepted: ETH
Early Bird Price (10% bonus) 16 April 2018:1 ETH = 17600 ZPR
The price is mainly  from April 19, 2018 05:00 UTC: 1 ETH = 16000 ZPR
Minimum investment amount: 0.1 ETH
End of Kraudsejla: May 16, 2018

Website : https://zper.io
Whitepaper : https://zper.io/paper/Whitepaper_Eng.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/zper_kr_official
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ZPERplatform
Twitter : https://twitter.com/zper_team
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My Ethereum Address:

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