ZPER Cross-border transactions

Zper – Blockchain technology grows every day. New opportunities for investors continue to emerge. Because of the emergence of many different projects, people are hesitant about where to invest. The Zper platform we will introduce to you today is quite interesting.

Zper is a non-centralized P2P financial ecosystem based on blockchain technology. The project aims to provide innovative capital flows among the world’s leading companies with active investors and borrowers. Each participant contributes to the change of values such as investment and lending activities, development, and making P2P financing reasonable and appropriate for everyone. The diversified investment portfolio, data supply and exchange, risk analysis, bond management and uninterrupted capital flows are among the general characteristics of the platform.

With Zper, an effective new financial environment that goes beyond borders and currencies is created. With the active cooperation of leading innovative companies in the field of P2P financing, an innovative fund flow will be provided on a global scale.

ZPR Token is an exchange tool that will be used by all ecosystem participants. This is used as currency in all transactions, including the compensation of data providers, commissions for the recipients, and P2P credits. Transactions will always remain transparent and will not be restricted because of the use of ZPR.

Zper provides the possibility of borrowing and lending independently of the country’s currency. Debt lenders receive loans with low-interest rates, while lenders receive higher returns. Therefore, the project is very important for the promotion of investment. It will be wonderful to provide investment opportunities with low-rate interest.

The Platform is equipped with the latest technological software. The Global Investment Portfolio is supported by an internationally recognized robot-consultant algorithm. This algorithm is used to reduce the risk of investment and to ensure safety with the diversity of investments. This ensures that platform investments are made safely.
If we look at how the ecosystem works,

These are individuals (or institutions) who want to profit.
Individual products of the P2P finance companies
Portfolio designed by Robocadvisor
Receivables that other investors demand to re-sell

P2P Financing Companies
These companies provide control of everything related to investment. These include repayment management, debt fields evaluation and debt reproduction. The credit agreement and the management of loans differ in each country. This is because of the geographical location and cultural characteristics of a country.

Therefore, it must be done in accordance with the laws of each country. For this reason, they must be competent in the credit business and to dominate their legislation.

Robo Consulting Companies
These companies analyzed the investment products in the Zper ecosystem with algorithms based on some of the criteria. These include;

1.Default Rates
2.Bankruptcy Rates
3.Investment time
4.return rates, etc.
They also serve portfolio creation, which allows investors to gain more profits through effective diversification. Through a number of portfolios designed by multiple roboadvisor companies, investors will be offered to choose from. Some of them;

Security-oriented investment products
Aggressive Investment Products
Secondary products

Token Information
Zper Token is required for the maintenance and activation of the zper ecosystem. Participants and token holders will receive an appropriate contribution. Depending on the type of participant (individual or commercial), users must have a certain amount of ZPR to guarantee their ecosystem loyalty. This is actually a requirement for registration.

The total production of Token sales is 3.5 billion ZPR. But for ICO only 2.2 billion is reserved. ZPR, 1.1 billion ZPR pre-ico and is reserved for sale in bulk. 50 percent of tokens are allocated for TOKEN sales, while ecosystem tokens are expected to receive 22.3 percent.
12% of the tokens are allocated to the project and consultants, while 10.7 percent are stored for the reserve.

Hardcap and Softcapa are 48,000 and 5.000 ETH respectively. And the accepted cryptocurrency for this token sale is ethereum.

Website : https://zper.io
Whitepaper : https://zper.io/paper/Whitepaper_Eng.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/zper_kr_official
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ZPERplatform
Twitter : https://twitter.com/zper_team

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