ZYPCOIN – Zypline is a platform that reveals the value of extensive content libraries for organizations, so it allows them to bring hundreds or even thousands of titles to a variety of OTT platforms with minimal effort. The Zypline platform includes a full range of features that enable studios and networks to centralize all OTT operations in one environment. Key features include secure Digital asset management, multiple output and container formats, customizable workflows to support batch processing, the ability to assemble complex composite media and support multiple Worldwide delivery systems. 

Zypcoin is a unique ICO that does not require preliminary application development. It provides a unique advantage and allows you to avoid risks and also delays what most ICO buyers survive. About 90% ICO never finished a decent product.The Zypcoin network will allow all these small businesses to take advantage of online and global e-commerce promotions by simply registering their mobile numbers. This app is nowhere in the market and we are planning active marketing programs and business development programs after the ICO completion.One of the key strengths and unique advantages of Zypcoin is its unlimited flexibility and usability in the ecosystem as well as in other markets adjacent to the Zypcoin ecosystem. Zypcoin plans to continue designing and installing projects and programs to ensure that the released marker Zypcoin will be used in various aspects of the zypcoin ecosystem.The system will be designed to distribute tokens based on contributions to the network, and user sets and instructions will be available to all users and visitors of the zypcoin ecosystem. This will be the main goal and part of the initial planning. Zypcoin has a development plan that is generalized elsewhere in our material. These programs will be direct and indirect, as well as spontaneous and fully made by the users of the Zypcoin ecosystem. Some plans already exist, the following are examples of some of the planned programs.  ICO opens new opportunities in the market With the advent of new distributed processes, Blockchain , intellectual contracts and Kriptovaljutnosti Zypline sees a great opportunity to be able to offer their products outside the ENTERPRISE and SMB markets and plans to adapt their Technologies and products and deploy them for huge open-access global “white market” individual entrepreneurs, households and artisans around the world. With their phone number as the ID zypline can get someone from their “garage to the global markets.”

New APP TokenTo properly address this market, Zypline plans to release Zypcoin, a new “application token” for reprofiling existing applications, developing new applications, and deploying a unique distributor/agent strategy that Meets the needs and processes of this sector. As a result, this large global market will benefit from online business, products, and services, and even participate in global e-commerce only with their mobile number and without the cost and hassle of a website.Zypcoin can overcome the existing digital divide with the world’s simplest publication solution. The platform can be used to load any file in any format and set the user’s mobile number as a locator or URL. This gives millions of users and business pages online that they would otherwise not have. Zypcoin plans the ICO for a new “token application” to address the problematic market segment of individual entrepreneurs, households, and artisans around the world, allowing them to use global e-commerce only with their Mobile number.Zypline Connection PlatformZypcoin token applications are based on a patented platform for connecting to the Zypline platform, which provides a single-step direct connection to any online content or page from any user-registered index such as mobile numbers. The user has full control over the index assignment. Zypline is not a search engine-it is a connection mechanism. This connection method provides only one query result, does not represent any intermediate steps or options, and does not contain any navigation steps. The Zypline connectivity platform is not a competitor to standard search engines such as Google or Yahoo. It’s free, and two services, search and connect can be integrated.  Strategic Market Plan

 Zypline will adapt patented corporate applications to underserved global markets from individual entrepreneurs, home enterprises, and artisans, enabling them to benefit from online and global advertising Shares in e-commerce by simply registering their mobile numbers. Since the ICO Zypcoin is based on full operating products, there is no initial development delay that has been deadly for most of the “token-tokens” of the ICO recently.To take leadership in this unused market, Zypline implements three major strategic initiatives: Get the user base. In the near future, Zypcoin will start deploying instant publications, and users will be able to instantly send company profiles, schedules, price lists or other information that will be displayed when customers call or use a number on the Internet. Energy networks. Users will be able to add services such as FLYER E-COMMERCE, multiple pages, keywords, search for products and services, and create local applications in any environment or language without a central interface. The desired market. Increase the size and cost of the network with the help of PARTNER, ACQUISITION & PLAYER “ROLL-UPS”. The complex function of M & A will acquire a depressive company with a combination of US dollar and token.
Website : https://zypcoinpresale.com